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Joran Sek

Trill Male

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Lieutenant Sek


Joran Sek



Joran spent several years in the marines. Having had several different deployments during the dominion wars. His quick thinking and combat tactics led his platoon to several decisive victories. So much so that it saw him elevated to platoon sgt, The promotion was not only supported by his officers, but wholeheartedly by his fellow marines as well. During the course of the war he had to act as a field lieutenant on several occasions when his superior officer was injured or even killed. Joran managed to keep his men on mission and alive.

A pivotal incident early in his time in the corps involved the death of a star fleet operations officer during a deployment maneuver. The officer, a female named T’zhan, was a joined trill who was helping to setup a forward operations base. The base was attacked by a dominion air strike, in which the officer was fatally injured. T’zhan was in fact T’zhan Sek, a joined trill. Joran was the only other trill in the area and had to have the Sek symbyote implanted. The implantation was a success but Joran had to be reviewed by the symbiosis commission and go through a 6month orientation as he had not been officially chosen for an implantation.

After the war. With the demilitarization of star fleet once again, Joran struggled to find his place in the world. After considering retirement, he was approached by an officer he’d served with who was now a star fleet security instructor at the academy. The instructor, having served along side Joran during several incursions, felt that the fleet was lacking in its security divisions, and so convinced Joran to join the academy to help bring a little bit of the marines into the fleet.
Joran is an amateur cook, and loved to cook for his squad during his time in the service. He also has an interest in star fighter racing.
Joran is very rooted in discipline. It stems from his time in the marines. His adherence to protocol can also be seen as a weakness within the ranks of the star fleet as its more relaxed when it comes to such things. It is someing he continues to work on while trying to bring a little bit of it into his postings

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Chief of security USS Shepard
Starfleet academy Training
Cadet Freshman Grade