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Bolo Morol

Bolian Male

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Rank & Address

Lieutenant Bolo (No honorifics)



Bolo Morol, son of a banker with a big purse but instead of his mind on coin, his eyes were in the skies. Friendly, charming and skilled – this uniquely tattooed Bolian is one hell of a squadron leader. And a damned good friend.


Bolarus 9 – A planet known for it’s luxuries, it’s grand casinos, pleasure cruises – Banks. The Bank of Bolarus being one of, if not the largest financial institutions within not only the Federation – but the quadrant at large. Born to a wealthy family of Bankers, Bolo Morol like his plethora of brothers and sisters was set on a path to become another teller, clerk, accountant, loan-shark or if he were lucky, a branch manager. This never interested the boy – and whilst his brothers ascended to great heights within the banking world, Bolo wanted to ascend to great heights in the more literal sense.

During a Federation Day festival on Boralus – he witnessed what he had always dreamed of. Starfleet were performing dances in the skies, leaving trails of tinted smoke behind them, this display of aircraft brought tears to the young Bolian’s eyes. And he knew precisely what he wanted to do.

He applied, without his Father’s knowledge, but was advised not to join due to his health – as Bolo had grown to be extremely overweight due to the cushy lifestyle he was under. So over the course of the next five years, he trained his body and his mind on his own – after every shift as a teller, he spent his freetime working hard. He had informed his Father, Baltok of his decision to join Starfleet- and he was enraged, the first time he had ever truly seen his Father angry. Baltok said he could go, but on the condition that when the Bank expands – Bolo would be present. Bolo agreed – and made up with his parents, leaving for San Francisco.

He went through three years of education, and spent his second year as a cadet aboard Deep Space 3 – performing some in-field work experience, nothing major, simply clearing asteroids, escorting ships and so on. Though he did show almost immediate talent at this stage. Upon returning back to Earth for more tutelage – at age 31 at this point – Bolo received a message from his father, saying that the expansion was now underway. Bolo begrudgingly took a leave of absence, and returned to Bolarus 9. He joined a cruise-ship heading for the frontier – for the expansion of the Bank – it was a haughty affair, not to say he did not enjoy it – he made plenty of friends, including some lady-friends. Though, this cruise was not all fun and luxury – the ship was flung suddenly and unexpectantly out of warp, some kind of disruptor causing them to stop – clamps were connected to the cruiser – and two ships crashed into the sides, puncturing in – the bay doors opened to reveal…Nausicaans. They robbed the ship for just about all it’s valuables, but before they started to kill – Bolo convinced them that they’d be more valuable as hostages, as many of these men were rich businessmen that could pay for ransoms.

Bolo, his father and the rest of the cruiseship were filed down into the brigs of the Nausicaan raider-ships. Bolo’s silver-tongue managing to just barely scrape him out of it, claiming that as he was a member of Starfleet, he’d be able to direct the ships away from any Federation patrols. And indeed, he actually did – he had to gain the Nausicaan’s trust, or else he, and likely many of the rest of the crew would be summarily executed. The Bank of Bolarus had requested that the U.S.S Marco Polo look into the matter, finding the wreckage and then investigating further. Through Bolo’s leadership the pirates were able to avoid being captured – their leader simply known as “Ice”, an albino Nausicaan began to actually foster a friendship with Bolo – this likely down to simply how friendly the Bolian was, and as at this point they’d been on the run for over a month now – they’d gotten to know each other very well. Bolo also ended up fostering close relations with many members of the hostages – including three women that would eventually become his wives, Mola, Mara and Miranda. (As is typical to Bolian marriage customs)

At this point, Ice decided to formally allow him to join their gang – the White-Eye Reavers. This was…Not something he intended, but he could hardly refuse given his current position, protecting so many people. He accepted, and was branded across the eye with a distinctive tattoo, which was then poisoned using a Nausicaan toxin which meant that the tattoo was totally permanent, only a skingraft being able to cover it up. Another month passed – and Bolo was able to direct the ships into the line of the Marco Polo. And during the commotion of the incoming battle, which the pirates full believed had been caused without intention by Bolo, Morol snapped open a weapons locker, and stole a phaser off of Ice – pointing it towards his friend. And he did at this point genuinely consider him a friend – but his actions couldn’t go unpunished.

With Ice and the pirates off to prison, the hostages being saved – Bolo returned back to the academy to finish up his training. It was only a few years more – and he graduated with incredible marks, and although the mark of piracy was bore permanently into his face, he took it in stride – recognizing what he could have become – and who he wanted to be, for his choice came purely off of what he knew was right.

Bolo served on the U.S.S Marco Polo for around 10 years – the very ship which captured him in the past. He served there until he was granted a command position, where he was transferred over to the U.S.S Ascension – to see real combat. During these days he had married his wives, and bore many many many children – 15 infact. And developed a keen taste for cuisine, cooking and the like – as well as a bit of a hobby in botany.

After his stay aboard the U.S.S Marco Polo – and before he was transferred, he requested a leave of absence, as his father – Baltok had passed away, and as his brothers had all been running bank branches of their own – he had to take over the one on the frontier world, affectionately named Baltok Prime, as afterall – it was the bank that had actually planted the foundations of the colony on the planet. After a short-stay, and allowing his children to grow some more in a non-starship environment. He gained his command position as Squadron Leader aboard the U.S.S Ascension, where he still works today.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2369 - 2379 Civilian (Bank Employee) Boralus 9
2378 - 2379 Cadet San Francisco
2379 - 2380 Cadet Deepspace 3
2380 - 2381 Cadet San Francisco
2381 First Mate (Out of necessity) Nausicaan Pirate Ship - White-eye
2381 - 2382 Cadet San Francisco
2382 - 2386 Fighter Pilot U.S.S Marco Polo
2386 - 2395 Flight Leader U.S.S Marco Polo
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2398 Civilian (Bank Manager) Boralus 9 and Baltok Prime
2398 - 2399 Squadron Leader U.S.S Ascension