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Jaya Maera

Deltan Female

Character Information




Lieutenant Junior Grade


Jaya is tall and willowy for a Deltan, but still smaller than the average human female. Her dark eyes and supple features stand in stark contrast to her bald scalp. She carries the typical Deltan dry wit beneath a nuanced veneer of aloof sensuality. After fleeing an awkward suitor on the USS Renown. Jaya is more reserved than ever. Her duties as counselor are among the only personal contact she allows herself.
Although not as telepathic as Vulcans and Betazoids, Jaya shares in the empathic extrasensory perception inherent to her race. She swore the Oath of Celibacy like all Deltans in Starfleet, which makes her feel it necessary to place walls between herself and others lest she lead them into infatuation. Despite the ability to share the feelings of others, Jaya often feels alone.


Jaya was born on the lush, fertile moon Seyann in orbit of Delta IV. Her father was the adjunct commissioner for the moon’s metereological commission, which as the closest thing to a bureaucrat that exists in the bohemian Deltan society. Her mother was a care-free musician and singer. Between the two, Jaya came to love and understand people a great deal.
After her older sister Riswan joined Starfleet to pursue their father’s scientific tradition as a science officer, Jaya utilized her interpersonal skills to become a ship’s counselor — a career that guaranteed her to travel throughout the galaxy and get to know all kinds of people.
Recent events, however, have given her second thoughts about her career.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2388 Counselor USS Renown
2388 - Present Chief Counselor USS Vindex