Profile Overview


Human/Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer T'Kalla


April 12, 2401

USS Endeavour


A seasoned NCO in the anthropology division, Chief T’Kalla’s management and organisational skills saw her move to the position of Chief Combat Information Centre Office when the USS Endeavour installed its CIC. Focused and professional, but with a sharp sense of humour, T’Kalla had a strong record in fieldwork for the science department. These skills, and her personal interest in martial and combat arts, saw her join Endeavour’s new Hazard Team as its Covert Ops specialist.

Chief T’Kalla was killed on Frontier Day, when the young members of Endeavour’s crew fell under the control of the Borg Collective. She died covering the escape of Captain Valance and other senior staff.