Profile Overview

Robert Abernathy

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Abernathy


Robert Charles Abernathy


Portland, Oregon, Earth


Captain Robert Abernathy, a towering figure at 5’10” with a robust build, exudes authority through his commanding presence, accentuated by his steadfast choice to wear glasses due to a unique allergy, which he sees as a link to tradition. Renowned for his stringent adherence to regulations and a knack for uncovering flaws in others, Abernathy’s reputation for misfortune accompanies him. Proficient in engineering and driven by a passion for science, his occasional short temper and emotional detachment provide counterpoints to his strengths. Despite his successful ascent through the ranks, Abernathy secretly yearns for a family his own insecurities might thwart. His culinary prowess reflects his upbringing in the Willamette Valley, while his Starfleet journey spans roles from various scientific disciplines to starship commander. After his time at Eos Station, Abernathy embraced a novel challenge, willingly stepping down from a commanding role to serve as the Dragonfly’s Chief Science Officer. This marked a profound transformation, merging his command background with an unquenchable curiosity for scientific exploration, as he delved into the cosmos with the same fervor he once directed towards different fields of science and command, leaving an enduring legacy in both realms.



Height: 5’10
Weight: 185#
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: Robert is a physically impressive man; he appears fairly tall and physically well built by most human standards. However, his physical appearance is dwarfed by his personality. He carries himself with a very commanding presence. Even with the modern medicine of the day, Robert is forced to wear glasses due to a severe allergy to Retinax V. Robert is confident that there are approaches to modern treatment that could fix his vision, but he rather enjoys wearing glasses. He feels it gives him a connection to the past.