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Profile Overview

Sashaos Sh'channit

Andorian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sh'channit



Sashaos Sh’channi – Is a well Spirited Andorian, and gets along with other Andorians when growing up and going to school. When She was older she would Start the military War games like other Andorians it was there to gear her up to join the Andorian forces which she wasn’t really up to doing, but joined Anyways, the Military games.
She decided to Join Starfleet Academy with the Skills she had that would look good for her Application for the Academy. She was 18 when she first joined the Academy, her Academy Quarters had to be cool,due to the fact that her planet was cold, and she had to be in a place to be cooler , and she’d enjoy the Temperature, That’ why she didn’t have a roommate ,due to having her quarters cooler than the rest of the Pink Skin humans..
Her Time in Starfleet was tough


Sashaos was born in the icy tundra on the northern part of Andoria , she and her family lived a simple normal Andorian life Dad ran the Military Games, while her mother took up a pottery group.

Sashaos was a very Active Andorian girl with other families around her doing their own thing and wasn't supportive of her...

So She went off On her own as she took off in an Andorian ship with others to grab an Andorian shuttle, as she left her Andorian planet she traveled for days to end till a Federation starship picked her up, knowing she was low on Andorian Crystals to run the shuttle and her ship was damaged due to running through an Asteroid field.

The Starfleet Shipped towed her shuttle in and was checked out by Medical officers for her health, and do a physical on her as well.

They took her back to Earth to Starfleet Central in San Francisco, and brought her to be checked on more, and asked if she Can join The Starfleet Academy she was of age to join them, and The Starfleet medical officers checked her over and nodded that it was ok for her to join Starfleet from then on in she was in the Starfleet Academy learning, and enjoying the surroundings of other Starfleet Cadets.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Security-Tactical USS-Knightraven