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Bzzit Khaht Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Zazzuit




Commanding Officer of the USS Cerberus. Was the Executive Officer of the USS Heracles, until a battlefield promotion to the rank of Captain.


Early life:

Zazzuit was born on Yalena, in 2354, as all children born on Yalena are, her parents returned to their homeworld when it came time to conceive. Zazzuit’s mother worked for the local government and did quite well for herself. Her father held a respectable position within the government, which is how she and her father met; during a Yalena government function.

Zazzuit had followed the exploits of the Federation and the Klingons while attending school. Especially the Klingon Civil War caused by the House of Duras in 2367. While she was on vacation from school, Zazzuit told her parents about her decision to leave Yalena for Earth, and more importantly about joining the Federation’s Starfleet Academy. The Federation’s involvement in proving that the House of Duras was involved in the Khitomer Massacre and that the House had consort with Romulans led to this decision.

Having been enthralled by the way Captain Jean-Luc Picard handled the situation, she strove to become more like him.

Zazzuit graduated from Yalena’s educational obligations in 2372. In addition, due to her age, she had the right to choose where she wanted to go. It took her six months before she was seated in a class. The moment she didn’t see anyone of her species, she felt alone.

It was also during this time that war broke out between the Klingon Empire and the Federation with the Empire’s annexation of the Archanis Sector. Zazzuit’s studies and path to career advancement would be solidified by this conflict created by the Dominion. While a cadet, she studied both science and engineering, leading her to apply for an operations position aboard one of several ships that were part of the fleet trying to retake the Archanis Sector in 2375.

In the later part of 2375, Zazzuit was honored with an acceptance letter from the Commanding Officer of the USS Visory which she gladly accepted. Upon arrival, she was given her graduation letter from the Academy and her promotion to Ensign.

Starfleet career:

USS Visory: 2375 – 2381

Zazzuit’s first assignment was as an Operations Officer on the USS Visory, an Odyssey-class explorer. When she stepped on board, she felt that she had achieved what she had set out to do from the moment she had chosen to join Starfleet.

The Visory’s first mission was in 2375, in which the crew participated in a joint effort to repel a Dominion attack on Earth. Although it was a total failure, the Odyssey-class ship showed its worth in latinum as it assisted in the Second Battle of Chin’toka, which was also a failure as the Alliance was driven out of Cardassian territory via Breen energy dampening technology. The Visory was fortunate as the ship was recalled just before the assault.

During 2376, Zazzuit and the Visory crew were assigned to an escort fleet for the Cardassian Union, which was reliant on the Federation for support. Zazzuit continued her studies on the Cardassians’ residual fleet capacity at this time, and devised a number of novel and successful techniques for safely managing and escorting Federation supply vessels to Cardassia. However, there were weaknesses in the process, one of which occurred when a Klingon Bird-of-Prey decloaked and nearly destroyed the convoy the Visory was escorting.

The convoy made it through, but the ship suffered severe damage. The outer hull had been devastated to the point where the Commanding Officer was about to order the ship to be abandoned. If it hadn’t been for a surprise reinforcement from a smaller Cardassian fleet that arrived out of nowhere to divert the Bird-of-Prey’s attention, Zazzuit would’ve had more time to devise a plan to securely escort the remaining cargo vessels.

In 2381 Zazzuit was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after serving with distinction for six years.

USS Rhodes: 2381 – 2399

Until the tensions between the Romulans and the Federation in 2384, the early 2380s were spent guarding the Federation’s Klingon and Cardassian frontiers. The USS Rhodes was dispatched to the Federation border near the Neutral Zone as a result of the tension. Some of the civilians were compelled to evacuate due to the Romulans’ political unrest. When a Romulan Warbird decloaks in the Federation’s side of the Neutral Zone, Zazzuit and the crew of the Rhodes are patrolling a section of the Federation’s Neutral Zone. The Rhodes’ Captain questions the Warbird and instructs Zazzuit, who is on duty at the time, to contact the nearest Federation ship. The Visory, who was returning from an exploring mission at the time, answered the call.

The Warbird was later discovered to be an advanced scouting ship that felt the Rhodes would be an ideal target. No blood was spilt on either side thanks to Zazzuit and the captains of both ships, the Visory and the Rhodes.

For the rest of the late 2380s, the Rhodes remains on the Federation-Romulan border as a deterrence, due to the Romulans dissolving into three different factions: the Romulan Star Empire, though a fraction of its previous strength, the Romulan Free State, and the Romulan Republic.

In 2385 Zazzuit was Promoted to full Lieutenant.

The Rhodes is commanded to leave the Romulan frontier and be taken to the Klingon border in 2389. This perplexed Zazzuit, who believed that the Rhodes was ideally positioned near the Romulan boundaries, having flown the Federation’s flag there for nearly a decade. It didn’t make sense to Zazzuit until she heard that The Sovereignty of Kahless had attacked and annexed many worlds on the Klingon-Federation boundary.

The Rhodes intercepts and feeds intelligence to the Federation regarding The Sovereignty of Kahless over the next three years, until 2391, when the Rhodes joins Operation: Gatecrasher. Zazzuit is assigned to an away team that includes both Starfleet and KDF members. Zazzuit saw a young federation cadet take up arms after her leader was dead and lead the way to a significant victory during this combat. Zazzuit protected this cadet by supplying cover fire.

After the Operation and for her actions in keeping a squad of cadets alive Zazzuit was Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Zazzuit intercepted an encoded transmission from the House of Mo’Kai in 2394. After informing her Captain, the information was forwarded to Starfleet Command, where it was forwarded to Starfleet Intelligence. Zazzuit later discovered that this house was being aided by The Sovereignty of Kahless’s remaining loyalist.

In 2395 Zazzuit was promoted to Commander.

USS Heracles: 2399 – 2399

Zazzuit was ordered to transfer to the USS Heracles in 2399. When the USS Rhodes returned to Earth, her time on board had come to an end. She gave up command of Operations and bid the ship farewell.

The task of being the Heracles’ Executive Officer was assigned to Zazzuit. Zazzuit and her Captain, Vausees, were ordered to take the Heracles to the Federation-Klingon borders because a Rogue element of the Klingon Empire, The Hunters of D’Ghor, has been causing a major issue in the Archanis Sector of the Federation-Klingon border.

During this time, Zazzuit and the Captain were stranded on Archanis V, along with an away team. When a Captain of the Hunters of D’Ghor attacked the survivors on the planet, who had been bombarded the day before, a battle erupted. Captain Vausees was injured during the attack and collapsed despite her best efforts. Until Captain Vausees could return, Zazzuit took command of the ship.

Later that year, Vausees gave Zazzuit orders. Starfleet issued those orders. Her exemplary actions had caught the attention of the brass, and as a result, Zazzuit was promoted to Captain and given her own command.

Service history:

  1.  Starfleet Academy – 2372 – 2375
  2. USS Visory(Odyssey Class) – 2375 – 2381
  3. USS Rhodes(Rhode Island Class) – 2381 -2399
  4. USS Heracles(Argonuant Class) – 2399 – 2399
  5. USS Cerberus – 2399 – Active


  • Academy
  • USS Visory
  • USS Rhodes
  • USS Heracles
  • USS Cerberus

Effective dates of promotion:

  • Ensign – 2375 – 2381  
  • Lieutenant (JG) – 2381 – 2385
  • Lieutenant – 2385 – 2391
  • Lieutenant Commander – 2391 – 2395 
  • Commander – 2395 – 2399 
  • Captain – 2399 *Battlefield prom.*

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2372 - 2375 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2375 - 2381 Operations Officer USS Visory
2381 - 2385 Operations Officer USS Rhodes
2385 - 2391 Operations Officer USS Rhodes
2391 - 2395 Chief Operations Officer USS Rhodes
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2399 Chief Operations Officer USS Rhodes
2399 Executive Officer USS Heracles
2399 - Present Commanding Officer USS Cerberus