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Claudia M. Sandoval

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Sandoval


Claudia Maria Sandoval



Dr. Claudia Maria Sandoval, MD is a trained trauma surgeon and general practitioner serving Starfleet in the mid to late 23rd Century.


Dr. Claudia Maria Sandoval née Martinez, MD (July 30, 2252 – May 15, 2358) was a career medical officer in Starfleet.   She was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico to Carlos and Janine Martinez.  She had two older brothers Enrique,  and Jesse.


Claudia Martinez graduated from high school and joined Starfleet Academy at 17 in in 2269.  There she got her pre-med degree in human biology.  Upon graduation she briefly flirted with just entering the fleet as a science officer,  but her guidance counselor persuaded her otherwise.


Claudia entered the Starfleet Medical Doctor program in 2273.  Her first two years were a particular struggle for her, but she eventually got her stride and graduated in the 65th percentile of her class earning her medical degree in 2377.


Claudia did her medical residency aboard the USS Eagle, and gaining her certificates in trauma surgery and a secondary as a general practitioner.

It was aboard the Eagle that she met a young Lieutenant Antonio Sandoval, also from Santa Fe.  He was five years older than her and that was why they hadn’t met before despite growing up in the same city and going to the same schools.

At the completion of her residency Claudia and Antonio got married in 2283. Antonio left Starfleet and Claudia went on to transfer to  Starfleet Medical.

STARFLEET (2283-2292)

The young couple moved into Antonio’s family ranch.  The original homestead had been originally granted to a distant grandfather of Antonio’s by the King of Spain himself in the 17th Century,  and the property had remained in the family’s name ever since.

Claudia split her time between San Francisco and the Starfleet Veterans clinic in Albuquerque,  New Mexico.  It was a job she loved.  She was fulfilling a lifetime’s of goals all at once.

During this time she and Antonio had her oldest son Michael.  Elizabeth and Jonathan wouldn’t be born until 2299.

USS MINERVA (2291- )

In 2291 she was transferred to the USS Minerva as the Chief Medical Officer

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2269 - 2273 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2269 - 2273 Medical Student Starfleet Academy
2273 - 2283 Medical Resident USS Eagle
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2283 - 2286 Medical Officer Starfleet Medical
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2286 - 2290 Medical Officer Starfleet Medical
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2290 - 2291 Head of Surgery Starfleet Medical
2291 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Minerva