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Profile Overview

Nick Wilde

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Wilde


Commanding Officer
USS Asger (Archive)


Nicholas Malcom Wilde



Nick Wilde has had a rough run of luck in Starfleet. He made enemies in unfortunate places and it cost him his reputation and career.

Now, serving as the Commanding Officer of a ship on it’s last legs with a crew that has seen better days, he’s determined to show everyone that he’s the best damn CO in Starfleet and that his crew has what it takes to make the galaxy a better place.


Nick was born and raised in Texas, an hour outside of Dallas. He grew up far from the city lights, out in the country, but his eyes were always drawn to the stars. He’d sit in the back of his dad’s pickup truck and watch the ships as they traced their way into the sky, finally disappearing in the pin prick dot of warp travel. That love was finally brought to fruition as he enrolled in Starfleet Academy once he was done with Highschool. It was a hard decision, leaving behind his family and the only girl he’d never loved, but he knew that his place was out among the stars.

Nick’s run in academy was modest, but respectable. He was drawn to the tactical path, and showed a true talent at it, but was always humbled and appreciative to those around him who were more adept. He showed leadership potential early on and was flagged for Command classes as well. That was where Nick truly shined, excelling with leading his classmates in missions and activities, quickly ascertaining strengths in groups and playing to them, and generally keeping a cool head in tense situations. He scored high in diplomacy and ethics, and his background in tactical kept him ahead of the game in combat simulations.

Nick had commendations from each CO he served under as a Cadet, and was quickly placed as a tactical officer aboard the USS Alabama after his graduation. His career was solid, but largely without noteworthy moments, until he was serving about the USS Massachusetts.

He and his CO, one Captain Isaac Rogers, were assigned to figure out who was supplying weapons to a rogue pirate groups operating near the Romulan Neutral Zone. They found a cache of weapons and were able trace them back to Rear Admiral Alexander Baudelaire of Starfleet. With some quiet investigation, Captain Rogers and Nick were able to trace back the shipments and uncover a ring of black-market sales being headed up by the Admiral.

The two of them were ready to take down the ring, when Captain Rogers suddenly changed his story. He advised Nick to change his story, but Nick refused, knowing how much evidence and other witnesses they had at their disposal. The Admiral himself came to Nick and advised him against, but Nick bucked it, refusing to compromise.

The hearing came around, and Nick was put on the stand first. He testified against the Admiral, citing all of the evidence that he was aware of, and giving detailed reports of everything. He left the stand feeling justified, but that feeling very rapidly faded as the rest of the witnesses came forward… and evidence did not.

One by one, the other people refuted what Nick said. One by one, they questioned why he’d said what he’d said. One by one, his reputation and integrity were destroyed. Nick sat in the court room, furious, trying to maintain his composure as he very credibility was ripped from him. At the end of the hearing, Admiral Baudelaire was cleared of all charges and Nick was all but busted down in rank for bringing false testimony. He met eyes with his CO in the hallway outside the hearing chambers, but neither said a word. Rogers turned and walked the other way, and was transferred to a new command the next day.

Nick returned to the Massachusetts under a new CO. This one, well aware of his supposed actions during the Baudelaire trial, made Nick’s life hell. Nick tried everything he could to win the man over, but he failed, finally transferring the the USS Archer as the XO.

Captain Reynolds was more forgiving, but still wary of the young man. He was still supportive, however, when Nick requested approval to apply for a command. The slew of rejection letters stung as they came in, until finally he was accepted about the one ship he knew wouldn’t turn him down: The USS Asger.

The Asger had a reputation as a last stop for Starfleet Officers who were on their last strike with Starfleet. It wasn’t in good shape, wasn’t given good assignments, and wasn’t crewed by the top-of-the-line crew that the other Starfleet ships boasted. But Nick set his mind to it.

He’d show Starfleet.

He’d take this command and make it the best damn ship in the fleet, or he’d die trying.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 Cadet USS Astra
2383 Cadet Sophomore USS Michigan
2384 Cadet Junior USS Antares
2385 Cadet Senior USS Montreal
2385 - 2386 Tactical Officer USS Alabama
2386 - 2389 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Alabama
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 - 2394 Chief Tactical Officer USS Arora
2394 - 2398 Executive Officer (XO) USS Massachusetts
Lieutenant Commander
2398 - 2399 USS Archer Executive Officer (XO)
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - Present Commanding Officer (CO) USS Asger