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Ontario Calloway


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Ontario “Rio” Calloway is a bright, introspective, and complex individual. With his signature tussled brown hairstyle, Ontario sports a sarcastic, often ironic personality during casual situations. During serious encounters, however, his demeanor turns surprisingly perceptive, laser focused, and tense. Calloway is an outside-the-box thinker in almost every respect, which makes him terrible at technical skills or logic-heavy duties like calculating an equation for an engineering problem, memorizing every attribute of a Class W planetoid, or comparing two datastreams. But what he lacks in technical skill, he makes up for in understanding concepts, brilliant diplomatic potential, and leadership skills. Rio excels at understanding how beings think, picking up on social cues, and forming unorthodox, unexpected and highly effective solutions and plans. This also bleeds into most areas of expertise on board a starship. His conceptual understanding of engineering, operational, and scientific concepts allows him to know exactly what’s going on around him, even if he isn’t able to execute the task himself.