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Profile Overview

Dean Matthews

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Matthews


Early life (2365-2383)

Dean Matthews is the only child of Glenn and Katie Matthews, he was born on June 26th 2365 on Lunar Colony. His parents had met whilst stationed at Starfleet Headquarters in the summer of 2361 and married in December 2364 during a small ceremony in New Berlin, Lunar Colonies.

Following his Birth he and his parents relocated to London, England where they remained for several years. Dean was inquisitive, often to the annoyance of his parents as he would dismantle anything he could lay his hands on to see how it worked.

In 2383 Matthews applied to Starfleet Academy, an application that was supported by a close family friend; Commander Richard Swift. Swift had been Matthews’ father’s commanding officer whilst his father was stationed at headquarters.

Starfleet Academy (2384 – 2388)

Keen to pursue a career in Engineering and given his natural aptitude in that field, Matthews did well in his studies in his first year at the academy.

It wasn’t until his second year where he began to struggle. While he did well in more practical aspects of his studies, he fell down when it came to the more theoretical side of things. 

In 2385 the Utopia Planitia shipyards on Mars  were attacked and subsequently destroyed by rogue synthetics. Matthews’ parents had been on Mars at the time and did not survive the attack. 

Devastated by the loss of his parents, he nearly washed out of the Academy after turning to alcohol.

Had it not been for his close friend and classmate Chloe Miller, Matthews likely would have been expelled from the Academy. 

Matthews completed his final two years at the academy and was assigned on graduation to Jupiter Station as a junior engineer, responsible for overseeing the stations EPS infrastructure.

Jupiter Station (2388 – 2395)

During his time on Jupiter Station Matthews was hard working and well liked by his peers. Initially serving as a junior technician maintaining the stations aging EPS grid Matthews soon found himself in a supervisory role where he managed a 10 strong team. His new role saw him responsible for the Stations day to day maintenance needs.

Proving himself to be not only a capable engineer, but also a competent supervisor, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to Devron Fleet Yards.

Devron Fleet Yards (2395 – Present)

Arriving on DFY in July of 2395 Matthews new role has him responsible for managing one of three engineering teams at the shipyards. The team’s duties range from anything from retrofits to off-station emergency damage repair missions.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2395 Engineer Jupiter Station
2395 - Present Engineer Devron Fleet Yards
Lieutenant Junior Grade