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Profile Overview

Orila Karai

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Ori


Commanding Officer
USS Galahad


Born on Earth, Ori spent the first three years of her life in London, England, before her family moved to Aubagne, France. Throughout her youth Ori had been fascinated by history and was a frequent visitor to the many historical sites in the nearby city of Marseille. When not engrossed in a book or in Marseille, Ori would spend her time exploring the mountains that surrounded her hometown, often trailing behind her father and older sister. It was in those foothills that Ori developed a taste for exploration and adventure. After completing her studies Ori felt at a crossroads, and after much deliberation decided that a career with Starfleet was the way forward, following in her mother’s footsteps.



Mother: Sasha Karai
Father: Timothy Karai
Sister: Elena Karai

Early Life

Ori was born in London, England; however, her father was offered a position at the Aix-Marseille University in France when she was 3. As a result, Ori grew up in Aubagne, France where she was raised by her parents and older sister. Her father Timothy was a physicist/astronomer at the Aix-Marseille University and her mother Sasha, was a Starfleet Officer who taught at the Marseille Starfleet base.

A reclusive child, Ori spent much of her childhood split between the nearby city of Marseille where she attended school and the Garlaban mountain range that surrounded her hometown. It was during family outings in the surrounding mountains that Ori developed her love of exploration and nature. In her teen years, Ori and her sister would frequently venture up into the mountains, often packing their kit and spending a weekend out hiking and camping, enjoying the wilderness and being amongst nature.

When not out amongst nature, Ori could be found with her head buried in one of the many libraries or exploring the museums around Marseille, always wanting to expand her knowledge of the past. Ori was particularly drawn to the rich history of Marseille, and it was this fascination that led her to study Anthropology & Archaeology, completing her bachelor’s degree at the Sapienza University of Rome, before going on to complete her masters and PhD.

At the conclusion of her PhD, Ori was at a crossroads with where to go next in life. She gave consideration to becoming an academic, dedicating her life to the pursuit of knowledge and solving ancient mysteries. After careful consideration, Ori decided that academic life wouldn’t be for her, she craved adventure and loved exploring. She talked the matter over with her parents and decided that Starfleet would be the choice for her.

Starfleet Career


After passing the entrance exam and being accepted to the academy, Ori was assigned to study at the main Starfleet Academy campus in San Francisco, Earth. Given her academic background, Ori opted to major in Xenoarchaeology, under the abbreviated general studies program. Although she had spent most of her life in an academic setting, life at the academy took some adjustment, with the majority of the day filled with either classes, excursions or physical training activities.

It was during her time at the academy that Ori started to come out of her shell, and began socialising with her fellow cadets, even partaking in some extra-curricular activities. By the end of her time at the academy, Ori had been a member of the chess club, climbing club, SCUBA club and the history society.

Upon graduating from the academy, Ori was assigned to the M-113 Archaeological Center.

M-113 Archaeological Center

Ori was thrilled to receive her first assignment but was also a little apprehensive with it being her first time away from Earth. She had heard the stories of the planet’s past and the infamous M-113 creature, although this didn’t phase Ori. It has been over a century since the last sighting of one of the creatures and in that time a thriving research outpost had developed.

Although Ori had almost a decade of experience, it was mostly theory. Now, with the chance to be out in the field, Ori excelled in her work, and published several papers relating to the extinct humanoid civilisation. It was her drive and attention to detail that earned Ori her first promotion to Lieutenant JG, a proud moment for her.