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Profile Overview

Elias Constantine

Human/Klingon Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Constantine


USS Daradax (Archive)


CAREER: Elias is joining Star Fleet to honour his uncle who was killed in the battle of Wolf 359. A new recruit to the fleet with no prior shipboard experience.

Starfleet Only:
ACADEMY/TECH MAJORS & INTERESTS: Star Fleet Operations, Shipboard Security

PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS: Secondary Base Operations – Star Fleet Academy, Event Security Specialist.


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Elias is a natural blonde with brown eyes, fair completion and athletic in build however not toned. Features noticeable Klingon attributes mainly focused around the facial area and pronounced forehead ridges. Facial features are toned down due to his half human genetics, there is no mistake to his heritage although not as pronounced as full Klingons. His hair is thick and unusually blonde for a Klingon male although it’s well maintained in a shorter style. Dresses well and respectable and inline with current trends.


PERSONALITY: Confident in nature which is inherited from his Klingon side, knows what he wants in life and very focused on career inspired by his late uncle. Can be very talkative and easily distracted when the mood suits. Passionate in his beliefs and shares an equal respect between his two blood lines. In terms of people he meets most would say he is the most Klingon looking Human they have met as his personality sometimes doesn’t match up with a stereotypical Klingon.

Elias harbours resentment to Star Fleet as he blames them for the death of his Uncle during Wolf 359. Very passionate in his beliefs and not afraid to share opinion amongst his friends and colleagues. This trauma caused Elias to become a recluse for a while as a young boy and he refused to make new friends and relationships as he believed that if he gained this attachment it would ultimately end in disaster and loss. Inside he appreciates he people he surrounds himself with but finds it extremely difficult to share his emotions, thoughts and feelings with those around him.

The battle of Wolf 359 was particularly difficult for Elias as he was so young and growing up finding out what they had done. His parents had sheltered him away from the facts for as long as they could, but through hearsay and listening in to his parents he found out the true. He dug deeper into the history of the Borg, some would say he was obsessed with them to a point it became unhealthy. He was taken to therapy by his parents to address this obsession however Elias still harbours a severe hatred to the Borg. Any mention of them brings him back to the time he was in his teens and the hatred and disgust was at its peak.

Often likes to be a people pleaser and can manipulate people to get his own way but not in a malicious way. Hides it through humour and can get away with it due to his personality.


PERSONAL HISTORY: Born on Earth to a Human mother and Klingon father. A standard up bringing that focused heavily on an equal learning of both cultures although environmental factors made Elias more Human than Klingon. An only child who spent a lot of time with his family on Earth learning how to live in a multicultural society where he was a little different to the run of the mill students in his class.

He was very close to his uncle Samuel, his mothers brother, and spent a lot of time with him as a child. He was 10 when Wolf 359 happened and Samuel was killed in the battle. Elias couldn’t understand at such a young age why his Uncle and someone he doted on had been taken away from him.

For a brief time Elias hated Star Fleet and everything it stood for as they had been the ones to send his uncle to war. As he crew up Elias began to understand more about the service to the fleet and the commitment Samuel had made to protect Earth and ultimately him. This inspired his interest in applying to Star Fleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Pending Taskforce 86