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Profile Overview

Wakai Sadayoshi

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sadayoshi


Wakai Sadayoshi



A Starfleet Physician who is fresh from residency. He joins the ranks of the Endeavour to obtain space-bearing experience but also learns under the provision of a senior medical officer.


Wakai was born in Tokyo, Japan under the parenthood of two established second-generation family physicians. He was practically given a stethoscope at birth, with the expectation that he would continue the family tradition when he grew up. Wakai’s childhood and teenage years were certainly not unhappy ones but he did have a tremendous amount of pressure placed upon him by both of his parents to perform excellently when it came to his schooling and academics. His father was particularly hard on him, his mother did have a softer side and the two would spend many hours drawing and sketching together. 

Wakai was a bit of a social outcast throughout his younger years – he found it hard to fit in sometimes and did experience some bullying. This caused him to be even more introverted and focused on his academics. The lasting effects of this formative experience have lasted into his adulthood, as he is still quite shy and awkward when it comes to his interpersonal relationships.

When it came time to apply to medical schools – Wakai had a great choice, given his superb academic marks. He did however, have a desire to not take the same path of his parents with medicine, and participate in more of an academic research capacity. He had developed a keen interest in pharmacology and research science. His parents also desired for him to study at a traditional university. 

Perhaps it was a bit of a rebellious move – but Wakai elected to join Starfleet and pursue his medical education through their system. His parents were less than pleased with the choice but did not interfere, given that he would still be a physician at the end of it. What Wakai did not count on was the fact that a war would break out during his years of training. His parents were tremendously worried about the prospects of him serving in a military fashion upon finishing his medical training. He had his own anxieties regarding it as well but felt committed to the organization, given the time they had invested in his training. 

During his at Starfleet Training Command days, Waikai met and fell in love with Tobias Urquhart. A fellow Starfleet trainee who was in-line to become a security/armoury officer. 

Throughout his last year of medical training, Wakai had participated in some novel research on a new cardio-stimulative medication that proved to be very useful in trauma care. This solidified his desire to take his career in a more academic direction upon completion of his residency. He graduated from STC and received his first posting as a junior medical officer on the Endeavour.