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Profile Overview

Norvi Stace

Trill Female

Character Information




Stace is a likeable and competent young woman. Talkative, but respectful, she commands a friendly ease with strangers. Not one to ‘lose her cool’ unless pushed to the brink, Stace does, however, display a serious, natural authority and is not a woman to be challenged. When relaxed, Stace is both witty and approachable. Passionate about music and literature, she prefers her own company but can easily be persuaded to join the crew down in the mess hall for a sociable time. Never really the ‘life of the party’, Stace would much prefer to laugh than to be laughed at as the entertainment. When thinking, Stace has a tendency to place and/or tap her first and middle fingers on her mouth. This could be seen as a nervous disposition, however, upon studying her face when this happens, it is clear