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Profile Overview


Romulan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Crewman Recruit R'Vex




Pointed ears, green tinted skin, his hair slightly longer than a normal Romulan’s, no visible scars, his body is toned, he wears a tattoo of his house on his right upper arm, he has two brow ridges forming a “V” on his forehead


R’Vex was given a normal Romulan upbringing, indoctrination. At the age of five he was put though harsh and rigorous schooling, cultural indoctrination, and martial training. Later on in his more “teenage” years he found the woman who would be his wife, and his talent for quantum sciences. He joined the Romulan military at least for five years, for it is compulsory. He graduated From a Romulan Academy of Sciences with a specialty of singularities, with a narrower specialty of weaponizing singularities. After his five years were finished, he left the military and became a citizen, then married his wife Rhiana. A few years later, after his children were born, he was blackmailed into the Tal’Shiar’s service by using his family as leverage. For years he tested and created new singularity weapons and apparatuses. He was a loving and caring father…when he was allowed to return to his family, only to be “transferred” away again to another research base. What the Tal-Shiar told his family, however, was he rejoined the R&D department of the Imperial Fleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2332 - 2337 Researcher Researcher at ~Classified Location~
2344 - 2352 Researcher Tested Singularity Weapons at ~Classified Location~
2353 - 2359 Head Researcher Relocated to ~Location Classified~ to test singularity weapons
2360 - 2365 Head Researcher Relocated to ~Classifed Location~ to test a new singularity drive.