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Vulcan Male

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Lieutenant Strall







Strall is the current Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Ascension. He is somewhat reclusive around non-Vulcans and mostly concerned with his work. He also tends to work unusual hours when left up to him, which his colleagues in Starfleet mockingly referred to the “Strall shift; work 29 hours in a 24 hour day”. In his free time he usually meditates, exercises on the holodeck or works on his own personal projects. He wishes to perfect Starfleet shielding and weapons technologies, as it is logical to be prepared for conflict. He also wishes to study the phenomenon of human innovation and how to adapt it for Vulcan culture.


Strall was born on Starbase 12 to Vulcan parents: his father was an aide to an ambassador, and his mother a Starfleet science officer. Even though he was not born on Vulcan, his parents raised him the traditional Vulcan way.

Strall was not the most innocent child at the star base nursery though; he would tinker with things and usually make them either explode, disintegrate or otherwise spectacularly and dangerously blink out of existence. The most infamous incident involved a toaster, a comm-badge and other electronics at the age of eight. Even though he followed “all logical procedures”, the toaster blew up (as expected, but unexpectedly strongly) and injured him severely. He now bears a scar to remind him of that day.

He always knew he wanted to join Starfleet. He would tell you it’s “the only logical conclusion”, but in truth he wishes to study humans more closely, both their technology and their psyche. He joined Starfleet Academy with stellar scores and was quickly recognized as a perfect fit for engineering. Even though some cadets mocked his attitudes towards work and engineering, he persevered, graduating with honors in Shield Technology and Weapons Systems.

After graduating, he was assigned to the USS Valiant, where he served faithfully and received several promotions, serving the last two years with the rank of Lieutenant and as the de facto assistant CEO (the spot was taken by another). Seeking to further his carrer, Strall requested a transfer to the USS Ascension, as it also fit his interests.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2389 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2389 - 2394 Engineering Officer USS Valiant
2394 - 2397 Engineering Officer USS Valiant
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Engineering Officer USS Valiant
2399 - Present Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Ascension