Profile Overview

Khaiel D'hikatsi

Romulan/Vulcan Hybrid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign D'hikatsi




Physical Description

Khaiel is a small, slim young man. His hybrid genetics have caused him to be athletic, but doesn’t bulk up. His hands and wrists are especially strong because of his long use of musical instruments and working on computers. He has sparkling light green eyes with flecks of hunter green in them, and his black hair is cut less conservatively than usual for a Romulan or Vulcan, something he picked up during his time on Earth. He get’s cold often, so when not on duty, he’s usually wearing some sort of jacket or sweater.


Height: 5’7″

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green


Father: Rhian D’hikatsi was a Commander within the Star Navy who tried to take a stab at politics. He lost the Senate election when the truth about his hybrid son came to light. Khaiel hasn’t seen or heard from his father since he was 7, when his father sent him away. Rhian’s current status is unknown.

Mother: T’Val, daughter of T’Keval, was a young Vulcan woman raised on Earth. Early in life, she met an older man named Spock who spoke to her about unification between the Vulcans and Romulans. This sparked a goal within her to become the Federation Ambassador to Romulus, hoping to be instrumental to the Unification Movement. That dream was shattered after she had Khaiel and Rhian banished them from Romulus, but she soon learned that her love for her son was much greater than the desire for unification.


Khaiel is a shy boy, having little peer interaction through most of his life. Moving around a lot didn’t help matters either. His nervousness causes him to be clumsy when it comes to social interaction, which only causes him to clam up even more. He is very intelligent, taking to computers quickly. He’s become a skilled linguist because of all the places they’ve lived and knows a lot about diplomacy from watching his mother. Having an ambassador as a mother taught him a lot about foreign cultures. He’s able to access cultural customs quickly and picks up on the nuances of their interaction.

His hybrid Romulan and Vulcan heritage has caused his emotional state to be a lot more stable than a typical Vulcan without the use of the Kolinahr, though not completely. He is prone to severe mood swings, but relies on meditation to keep his emotions in balance. And his touch telepathy is just as strong as a typical Vulcan but much more easily accessible.

Personal History

In an early attempt to force Unification between their two peoples, a Romulan Commander convinced a young Vulcan Consul within the Federation Embassy that having a hybrid child would help shape the future for both of their races. She was eventually swayed and Khaiel D’hikatsi was born on March 21st, 2367. Early on, they were met with little resistance, as most people didn’t know the child’s true heritage. But 7 years later, when Rhian tried to run for Senate, the truth came out and he was met with a lot of political backlash from the media and others in the Senate. He lost the election and in his anger, sent Khaiel and his mother away, asking them to never contact him again.

The confused young boy and his mother went back to Vulcan where T’Val decided to take some time away to care for her son. But after 2 years on Vulcan, she realized that the Vulcan people wouldn’t be able to accept her child either, at least for the time being. So she packed them both up and moved to Earth where she involved herself with the Diplomatic Corps.

Earth was a life changing experience for Khaiel. Being around all the diversity really opened his eyes to what the universe could be like. He also got to see Starfleet headquarters a lot. He knew that one day he wanted to join them. But three years later, as the Dominion War came to a close, a new diplomatic frontier was opened up within the Cardassian Union, and T’Val was chosen to lead the front and become Ambassador to the Cardassians. She quickly accepted and she and Khaiel moved across the quadrant to Cardassia Prime.

Being around the Cardassians was hard for a young Khaiel. The Cardassians were less receptive to the large Federation presence on Cardassia, and thus they shunned him when he tried to reach out. Khaiel spent most of his time studying and learning and preparing himself to enter Starfleet. When he was 17, he passed the entrance exam and left Cardassia, headed back to Earth.

The Academy was a different experience for the young man. Finding the course load more stimulating, it was also more challenging. He realized, though, that as much as he wanted to reach out, he didn’t have the time. He spent any spare time studying and preparing himself, which turned out for the best when he was offered a tour of duty in the beginning of his Senior year.

His first tour was on the Intrepid class USS Hainesworth. Captain Lorvel didn’t trust the boy at first, but soon Khaiel proved himself and the Captain began giving him more and more time on Bridge duty. Once his tour finished, Captain Lorvel wrote Khaiel an outstanding letter of recommendation and suggested to the Academy that he be given another tour of duty. The Academy Commandant quickly agreed and soon Khaiel found himself stationed on the USS Starlancer, a Defiant class vessel under the command of Captain Shiren. The Captain was impressed with Captain Lorvel’s recommendation and gave Khaiel as much Bridge time, and responsibility, as possible, to give him a head start upon entering the fleet.

Upon graduation, Khaiel took a short leave of absence to spend a couple months with his mother back on Cardassia. When his leave was up, he reported to DS9 where he was given immediate orders to the USS Solstice as it’s new Chief of Operations.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2384 - 2388 Computer Programming Major Starfleet Academy
2388 - Present Chief of Operations USS Solstice