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Profile Overview

Kazyah Linn

Betazoid/Romulan Hybrid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Linn




A man who remains calm, cool and collected, Kazyah is the type of person who thinks before he speaks and is very good at keeping secrets. He does his best to suppress his emotions, but his guilt over killing his sister is always living just below the surface. Kaz refuses to make an emotional connection with people, preferring to keep everyone at arms distance. He is elusive and quiet, but can be authoritative and commanding when needed.



Kazyah is a typical humanoid male of moderate height and toned build. With black hair usually kept in place and stark gray eyes, he is known for having a constant poker face that leaves many people wondering what he is thinking and how he is feeling. What most people don’t know is that Kaz is completely blind.

Another important feature is that he has his full Betazoid telepathic abilities, despite his half-blooded heritage, but requires physical touch to use them. Without physical touch, Kaz is limited to empathic feeling and what he refers to as his “telepathic sight”.


Father: Aryion Linn was a chemistry professor at the University of Betazed before losing his position due to his alcohol abuse.

Mother: Commodore Stiphyl Linn is the Chief of Starfleet Security on Betazed. She is influential among her peers and has been known to meddle in her son’s lives and career.

Sister: Tyori Linn was Kazyah’s younger sister, by four years. She died when she was 6 in a shuttle accident with her brother.


One of Kaz’s most prominent strengths is what he refers to as his “telepathic sight”. His years studying with Betazoid Priests has allowed him the ability to feel people and objects around him in a wide area. While he can’t see them, he can sense their movements and anticipate action based on subtleties. This has become quite handy in melee combat and has earned him recognition as being a trained killer.

Kaz’s lack of sight, and the limits of his telepathic ability, have hindered his use of ranged weapons. Because he cannot accurately focus on a target, unless the target is within a few meters, he simply cannot rely on ranged weapons of any kind.


Kaz’s single ambition is to return to Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Unit


Kazyah prefers a centered life, enjoying activities like Human yoga and Vulcan meditation. He reads a lot and has the inane ability to recall facts and quotes on a whim. He also is well versed in many styles of physical fighting including Human TaiKwonDoe, Trill Klovyah and Cardassian Gallade. Kaz also has the ability to learn an entire language from just a few sentences.


Kazyah Linn was born on April 21st, 2359 in Zyreq, Betazed. Growing up, Kaz was a happy child, always smiling and laughing. His life became even more happy when his little sister was born. Kaz loved Tyori and was a dutiful and protective big brother. Kaz was 10 when disaster struck. He and his sister were playing in a small shuttlecraft when the two accidentally launched the shuttle. Kaz tried to land the craft, but failed. The subsequent crash claimed the life of Tyori and Kaz’s sight.

The fallout of the shuttle crash was devastating to the Linn family. Stiphyl became angry with the world and it wasn’t long before her marriage to Aryion was irreparably damaged. To cope with everything, Aryion turned to alcohol which eventually ruined his career as an Academic. After a year of trying to handle his lack of sight, Kaz’s parents sent him to study with Betazoid Priests who would help him develop telepathic skills that would allow him to live with his disability.

After five years of study with the monks, Kaz returned home to find that his parents had all but given up on life. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that if he stayed, he would end up just like them. Even though he never desired to join Starfleet, he felt it would be the only way for him to create a new life away from home. At the first opportunity, he applied to Starfleet Academy and left for Earth, never to return home.

While the Academy was not as challenging as he expected, Kaz was grateful to be in an environment where no one knew of his past actions. And while he carried the guilt of taking his sister’s life with him, hiding it in secret made his life just a little more bearable. He chose xenolinguistics as a major, as he always had a talent for languages, and met the challenge head on.

Upon graduating, Kaz was assigned to the USS Solstice as a communications officer in the Operations department. His time aboard the small Nova-class ship was uneventful, but his talents were quickly noticed and Starfleet Intelligence approached him about a new assignment. Without a second thought, Kaz accepted the offer and was quickly integrated into Intel’s Covert Communications Division.


Kaz spent the next three years in Covert Communications learning everything he could. His ability to hear a few sentences and learn the entire language came in quite handy as Starfleet continued to explore the great unknown. But during this time, Kaz also trained hard in physical hand-to-hand combat. It was his goal to eventually become a valued asset to Starfleet Intel and to eventually join the Special Operations unit. His hard work paid off and in 2384, Kaz was brought in to Special Operations and became a highly sought after field agent.

His time with Special Operations was exciting and eventful. Participating in multiple operations throughout many Alpha Quadrant empires, Kaz became known as a deadly force that was able to infiltrate any location with the utmost skill and silence. It was no secret that his telepathic abilities were fundamental in his success and would often get him out of sticky situations.

In late 2387, Kaz found himself walking into a trap. A mole within Starfleet Intelligence had informed the Kzinti, Kaz’s target, of the operation and they captured him. Kaz spent almost six months being tortured for information in a Kzinti prison before the mole was eventually captured. Special Operations was able to pull off a successful plan to free Kaz and he was quickly brought back to Federation space.


After Kaz’s experience in the prison, Starfleet Intelligence decided that he needed a non-combat tour of duty for them to assess his ability to return to Special Operations. Kaz was transferred to the USS Vindex under Captain Ainscow as the Chief of Intelligence.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2376 - 2380 Xenolinguistics Major Starfleet Academy
2380 - 2381 Communications Analyst USS Solstice
2381 - 2384 Linguistics Analyst Starfleet Intelligence: Covert Communications Division
2384 - 2388 Field Agent Starfleet Intelligence: Special Operations Unit
2388 - Present Chief of Intelligence USS Vindex