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Profile Overview

Daniel Gardner

1/2 El Aurian 1/2 Vulcan Male

Character Information


Lieutenant Commander


Daniel Gardner



Daniel Gardner is a long time Intelligence Operative and former Operative of Operation Janus which saw the murder of the Romulan Empress. He has served across 4th Fleet and now serves the Intelligence Support Activity on the USS Bellona.


Daniel was born in 2354, the second and last child born to Bobby and Lor’Mennie Gardner. He was raised on Earth for a time, before returning with his mother, father and older brother, Peter, to Starbase 500. Life on board a Starbase had its advantages, especially as a child growing up with parents as Senior Officers. As young boys, all three of the Gardner children built a relationship up with the Commanding Officer, Captain Eerin, an Andorian. They came to call him Uncle Eerin.

Daniel was very inquisitive as a child, always looking at and breaking things and always winning the games of hide and seek his brother and sister used to play. The three Gardner children were good students, even engaging in extra circular courses, namely Wing Chun, an early form of Kung Fu, which led them all to becoming proficient martial artists even from a young age. This is something that put him in good stead when he joined the Starfleet Academy, where there were various groups set up for Wing Chun.

With the blessing of ‘Uncle Eerin’ the three Gardner children were made Acting Ensign’s. Already a cocky youth Daniel tried hard to impress the Officers on the station, which in some ways he did, but they also tried to temper his cocky nature, which was met with little success. The many experiences they were lucky enough to receive, ranging from working in engineering, the science labs, the bridge and security, enabled them to shine above the rest with their Starfleet Application because of their practical knowledge.

When he was 17, he completed the Academy Entrance exams and passed and he began his roller-coaster Starfleet Career. His prior experience placed him in good stead, especially where practical experience was required. Unfortunately, what worked in practice and in theory wasn’t always the same thing. His Instructors were somewhat harsher on him, due to his already larger knowledge base from which he could draw upon. This forced him to work extra hard and gain additional qualifications he may not of taken otherwise.

He graduated in the top 40% of his class and began his first assignment on board the USS Potemkin in 2369 as a Security Officer. He spent 3 years on the Potemkin, being promoted once to Lieutenant Junior Grade and a Shift Leader. In 2372, he was transferred to the USS Odyssey, as Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer. At this point in his career, things rapidly changed for him. His security team were drafted to rescue an Intelligence Operative that had been captured. It was Daniel’s ingenuity that made the mission a success and he was approached by Starfleet Intelligence 3 months later to further his training and become an Operative.

He accepted and completed 18 months of gruelling advanced training. The training consisted of advanced hand to hand combat, which he had no problem with, advanced tactical training, consisting of planning, memory retention, and advanced weapon use. There were many days he spent training in advanced ground war fare, room clearance. The courses were vast, ranging from psychology, linguistics. He was selected to go onto the Telepathy training, to advance his abilities given to him by being a quarter Vulcan. He met with some success, he was able to conduct mind melds but needed complete concentration to be able to conduct them. As well as training in how to use his telepathy, he was trained to resist telepathic intrusion. He spent weeks in holodeck simulations, focusing on undercover assignments, and then even longer talking about his experiences with various medical professionals, including Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

He spent 4 years solely at Starfleet Intelligence, conducting covert missions inside and outside Federation space. In those 4 years, he spent some time on Romulus, gathering intelligence on the Tal’Shiar, along with several other operatives. Deep Cover assignments made up the bulk of his time. He spent a good deal of time under cover in the Orion Crime Syndicate, which resulted in the arrest of several high profile criminals, wanted by Starfleet Intelligence. It was in this time, he unwittingly discovered his grandfather, Sovok, was an Intelligence Operative.

After spending 2 years in deep cover at the Orion Syndacate, he was recalled, to join an Operation codenamed ‘Janus’, which was a team being set up by the Special Operations Section, in a bid to take advantage of the confusion with Romulan Star Empire, with mandate to discover who the players were, which of the players were against the Federation and/or potentially be willingly to take things even further and of course, which player were pro-Federation. Although, Janus wasn’t the only team being sent in.

Daniel spent 18 months working for Operation Janus, which at its conclusion was seen in the eyes of Starfleet Command as a failure by Starfleet Intelligence, along with the USS Enigma. Over the 18 Months, Daniel participated in two high profile missions, both ending not how they were planned. The first mission involved replacing the Romulan Empress with an Intelligence Operative as the real Empress wanted to defect.

At the end of their mission, one of Operation Janus’s team members had killed the Empress in order to avoid her being captured by the Romulan forces that had boarded the ship. Daniel was powerless to assist the team, as by this point, he had been captured, along with the Team’s XO, Stahlhamdske, by a Tal’Shiar Colonel who was in pursuit of Janus support vessel, the Orpheus.

Daniel and Stahlhamdske had to rescue themselves, because the rest of the team were dealing their own problems and were also able to destroy the ship at the moment of transport.

It was at this point, the Intelligence Operative that had murdered the Empress, Lieutenant Melifa Thrall, was arrested for treason and Daniel realized that he had feelings for her and decided he wouldn’t allow her to be sent to the Asylum, where she would go crazy. He managed to free her, providing her with false ID to allow her to live her life.

Daniel was sure that the Special Operations Section Commander knew what he had done, but for some reason she decided not to act, perhaps out of guilt for her actions, Daniel never knew. The Second Mission, equally ended in disaster, with the death of the majority of the team and one of the Operatives turning out to be a Temporal Operative, coming back in time to save the technology they were there to destroy. Daniel nearly circumvented her, but was too late. They had fought in hand to hand combat, before she had managed to gain enough distance to initiate her transport back to the future.

With the failure of Operation Janus again, Starfleet Intelligence disbanded the team, with a lot of blame being placed on the Agents/Operatives themselves. What was left of the team, were recalled, they faced disciplinary action, internal to Starfleet Intelligence, but with Starfleet JAG Officers. Everything he did, during both missions, was question by the panel.

During these events, Daniel returned to Earth and visited his families’ graves. Because he had been with Operation Janus, he had been unable to attend the funeral. He then spent some long overdue with the family that was on Earth, cousins, Aunts and Uncles before the culmination of the events that led to his practical expulsion from Starfleet Intelligence.

Starfleet Intelligence convened a panel to investigate the events during Operation Janus. The investigation was extremely thorough, having several different active investigations inside the one larger investigation. One of the things Daniel had ensured he had done, was to bury a few of the reports that had come out of Operation Janus to not only protect himself, but also his former team members that he had grown quite fond of.

Despite the panels thoroughness, he was practically cleared of all charges but he was returned to the main fleet. Something that filled him with a little trepidation. However, his Grandfather met him outside the hearing hall and he was immediately given new orders to head out to Faltan Station.

After several months on Faltan, mostly engaging in what he would class as the average duties of a Starfleet Officer, he was offered something that he jumped at. He was offered an Operational Lead position as part of a Fugitive Recovery Unit. He enjoyed his new role, it was as close as he was probably ever going to get to doing his old job.