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Diantha Novius

El-Aurian 124

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Diantha Novius



Diantha is a long serving Starfleet Officer with baggage. She was on the transport ships that entered the Nexus when the El Aurians escaped El Auria.

She carries a lot of the damage, mostly from seeing her people destroyed and being ripped away from the Nexus.


Diantha was born in 2241 to Chief Legislators. She received the normal education of an El-Aurian child. Education on El Auria was one of the more advanced and longer than that of any known species, except for Vulcans.

Diantha had a brother called Jared. He was only 2 years older than her. They were as close as two siblings could be. They were nigh on inseparable.

She studied hard, dreaming of becoming a Doctor. None of her education or that of her kin, was able to hold back the Borg invasion of 2265. She was barely 24 years old when the first wave hit El Auria. At first, the people were told not to panic, that the security forces were holding the enemy back, but that quickly changed within a matter of minutes. Mass panic ensued and a badly executed evacuation was enacted. Diantha lost all her family that day.

Her people were scattered, except for small groups that had gone to nearby worlds and the Federation were attempting to find homes for them. It was during one these voyages in 2293 that the second life defining incident happened. The Nexus. Despite herself Diantha still feels the desire of returning to the Nexus. The Nexus restored her life. It put her back with her family. She had achieved her life long dream of becoming a Doctor, she was a leading Consultant and she had a family. A loving devout husband and three amazing children and surrounded by her parents, aunts and uncles and her brother.

She finds it impossible to put into her words the feeling when she entered the Nexus and to explain her time in there. Although in reality she was only within the Nexus for around 30 minutes, she in fact lived 15 years during that time. The shock and confusion of being pulled away from the Enterprise B was something that still hasn’t left her today.

The weeks ensuing was a mixture of hospitals and psychotherapy. It took 5 years of sleepless nights, and severe anxiety before she accepted the Nexus wasn’t real and that she could never go back. And because she never saw a Counselor that was sufficiently trained, the damage of her ordeal set in. She buried herself in education, not surfacing in 76 years. In that time, she had travelled to various Federation worlds and undertaking Higher Education training.

In that time, she had trained at all the top institutions of the Alpha Quadrant, specifically in Xeno-Lingustics, Matter Conversion technology, archeology and Xeno-Biology – Borg. She holds two Doctorate’s one in Xeno-Linguistics and the other as Doctor of Medicine. She then spent 8 years in surgical residency. She stopped training in 2369 and applied for Starfleet Academy.

She considers the Academy another life defining incident. The Academy had a profound effect on her. She changed a lot during her 4 years at the Academy, she lost some of her introverted behaviors, although the academy didn’t undo all of the damage her psyche had suffered but it went a long way to doing so. The Academy took her positives and amplified them, her survival skills, her linguistic ability and her interest in the Borg. Her negatives they tempered.

She majored in Security Operations and Tactical systems, whilst taking the required and optional medical courses that were available. She graduated with honors at the end of 2373 just as the Dominion War kicked off. Diantha was immediately assigned to the frontline, regularly changing ship posting to fill gaps on the various ships.

She found herself quickly promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Security and Tactical Officer aboard the USS Dauntless. She stayed on the Dauntless until the end of the war in 2375. After the war, The Dauntless was assigned to the Task Force for supervising the Dominion withdrawal back to the Gamma Quadrant.

Over the next 3 years, the Dauntless was assigned to Cardassia, providing aid and assisting Cardassia Prime and their worlds in rebuilding, ensuring that there was sufficient housing and reestablishing the supply lines and schedules between Cardassia and their other worlds.

During her time on Cardassia, she was assigned many clandestine operations by Starfleet Intelligence, ensuring that certain Cardassian factions were not rearming.

In 2378 Diantha was offered a teaching position at Starfleet Academy, which she took. She found teaching incredibly rewarding, seeing how her teaching caused the young brains to work and draw their own conclusions. It never ceased to fascinate her and she realized she was truly at her happiest and she quickly became a favorite of the students for her teaching and enthusiasm.

Diantha spent 8 years at the Academy, she saw 2 intakes all the way through and she where she met the man that began to challenge her beliefs and fears; Korrath, a fellow teacher at the Academy. She had avoided any kind of relationship for many years but Korrath challenged that. Breaking down the barriers she had erected over her life. She was attracted to him and he was her; that was the reason she decided to leave the Academy. It scared her.

In 2386 she returned to space-bourne assignments. 3 years later in 2389 Diantha was offered a position as Chief Intelligence Officer on board a new Excalibur Class. She accepted the assignment with some trepidation.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - Present USS Excalibur Chief Intelligence Officer