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Profile Overview

David Hutchinson

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Rear Admiral Hutchinson


David Glenn Hutchinson, Sr



David is a calm and collected person who always looks out for his loved ones and his crew. He has patience in abundance and it takes a long time for David to run out of patience – a trait that has proven useful in situations requiring a more diplomatic approach. Despite his career choice David is still an extremely loyal family man and has continually attempted to get his family to move aboard the starship he is commanding to ensure he can spend more time with them

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2389 Task Force Executive Officer Task Force 9
2388 Commanding Officer USS Derbyshire-C
2388 Commanding Officer USS Renown
2385 - 2388 Commanding Officer USS Blackburn
2376 - 2385 Commanding Officer USS Belfast
2374 - 2376 Medical LOA N/A
2373 - 2374 Executive Officer USS Belfast
2372 - 2373 Chief Tactical/Security Officer USS Vanguard
2370 - 2372 Chief Tactical/Security Officer USS Vindex
2366 - 2370 Chief Tactical/Security Officer USS Alexander
2362 - 2366 Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer USS Alexander
2358 - 2362 Tactical Officer USS Vindex
2354 - 2358 Cadet Starfleet Academy