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Profile Overview

Yirroth K’talt

Klingon Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Yirroth K’talt


KDF Bird-of-Prey


Personal details:
Basic profile
Name: Yirroth K’talt
Date of Birth: Oct.10th, 2352 (Stardate: 31465)
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Species: Klingon
Height: 6ft
Weight: 200lbs
Hair color: bald
Eye color: dark brown
Additional feature
Physical Description: Skin color is tanned, with above average toned muscle structure. Missing left eye that has a bolted on patch, a deep scar is seen above and below the patch.
L’ande K’talt
Gogholf K’talt
A’ime K’talt (half human half klingon)
Person of Interest:
Great-great-great-great grandfather: Goval K’talt
Other Family:
Brother-in-law: Joseph Shunji – A’ime (Amy) brother
Brother-in-law: Banno Shunji – A’ime (Amy) brother


Early life:

Born on Q’onoS to the house of K’talt in the H’Vek Tar settlement. Yirroth was considered small for his size when he was born and would have been casted out had it not been for this mother who had hidden him away knowing or rather felt that he would become more then what he appeared to be. True to what his mother felt after a year of being hidden from his family Yirroth was presented to his father, who at first did not believe that he was his son until his mother convinced him otherwise. Three years this took and all the while Yirroth was tormented by his family. This caused him inner turmoil until he struck his father and challenged his birthright. After the bloody fight his father recognized him as his son and accepted him. 

KDF career:

Yirroth joined the KDF at a young age and rose through its ranks. He started off being no more than a petty clerk for a merchant and after the vessel that he served on was attacked he proved himself a more than capable fighter and was transferred to a D5 cruiser G’gus as a Security officer. Twenty years later he was transferred to the Klingon Defence Force Bird-of-Prey S’tohoz as its First Officer as the new ship was in need of a crew to support it and the Klingon Defence Force.

Service history:

  1.  Clerk for a prominent merchant
  2. D5 Cruiser G’gus
  3. KDF Bird-of-Prey


  • Merchant Clerk 
  • Security Officer
  • First Officer