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Romi Zegox

Betazoid Female

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Romi Zegox



There’s a lot to say about Romi Zegox, but if nothing else you should know she’s honest and sympathetic. Of course, she’s also playful, humorous and open, but they’re often slightly tainted by a mindset of being irrational as well.

Her honesty though, is what she’s most popular for. People regularly count on this and her charm when they’re feeling down.

Nobody’s perfect of course and Romi has a range of flaws to deal with too. Her deviousness and irritable nature aren’t exactly fun to deal with and reach all around. Fortunately, her sympathetic nature shines brighter on most days.


Romi Zegox was born to Soadras and Deemali Zegox, at the re-built 20th House of Betazed, family compound. Soadras Romi’s father was serving onboard the USS Furutaka as Executive Officer at the time. Abuggus Romi’s brother was 8 when Romi was born.

Growing up onboard a starship led Romi to have a lot of friends amongst the other crewmember’s children. Being a kid on a starship is not danger free, with both parents being full Betazoids they encouraged Romi and Abuggus to be honest with others that did not have the ability to mind talk.

When Romi was ten years old Abuggus left to go to Starfleet Academy, this also coincided with Soadras being given a promotion to Captain and command of the USS Tsunami, a Typhon class carrier. Romi fell in love with the Fighter Wings that the Tsunami could field, being the kid of the ship’s captain gave Romi a bit more access to the ship than a normal 10 year should have.

Over the next 8 years Romi made a lot of friends and rivals among the Fighter Wings onboard the Tsunami, getting on her 16th birthday certified to fly the shuttlecraft that the Tsunami held.

When Romi left for Starfleet Academy she did not have an easy time of it, as she was found partying most Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Also, her brutal honesty policy sometimes got her in trouble with other cadets and her instructors. For all that she irritated her instructors, they could not take away that she was in the top 1 percent of her year when it came to handling anything from fighter up to full starships.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2396 General Studies Starfleet Academy San Francisco
2396 - 2397 Flight School Starfleet Academy San Francisco
2397 - 2398 Flight School - Advanced Program Major Fighters Starfleet Academy San Francisco
2398 - 2399 Cadet Cruise - Flight Technician USS Ascension