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Profile Overview

Reva Sarrik

Romulan/ Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Sarrik


USS Cardiff


Reva Sarrik



Typical Vulcan/ Romulan appearance. Somewhat short, with bittersweet brown hair usually pulled back in a bob. Her eyes are an unusual lavender.

Overview: Prefers to go by Sarrik, except among very close friends and family. Reva has a calm demeanour, and takes things in stride. From both parents, Reva gained a harmonious blending of logic, the philosophy of the Qowat Milat, and empathy. Trained in the Vulcan suus mahna.

Strengths and flaws: Iron will, empathy,

Ambitions: to learn the cello, to discover and name a new fossil, to publish a book of Romulan myths and legends, and the diaspora stories her mother, Morla, collected and curated following the aftermath of Romulus’ destruction.

Hobbies/Interests: reading, fossil hunting, archaeology/ xenoanthropology, writing, poetry, Stoic


Personal History

Reva and Torinn grew up in a loving household that split its time between Vulcan and the colony world of Mindahar. While the Vulcan branch of the family was small, the Romulan side was quite large, though several had been lost during the supernova event. Both sides had a great many explorers, archaeologists, xenoanthropologists, and xenopaleontologists. Indeed, that was how her parents met, and bonded. Zekaar and his birth family are quite unconventional Vulcans, most displaying more emotion and spontaneity than is typical of Vulcans. Many of their people consider them anything from ‘extremely eccentric’ to ‘completely cracked’.

Reva chose to join Starfleet, because of the latent hostility many Vulcans had towards her lineage, and the chance to meet more cultures. She studied xenoanthropology and xenopaleontology. The former eventually shunted her to diplomacy and teaching.

Service Record

Following graduation from Starfleet, she served on the USS Alda for six years, before being transferred to the USS NaomiNovik. An incident of interplanetary conflict the Novik responded to was partially resolved by Reva’s knowledge of Rihansuu and Alberdene cultures, and her empathy. Three years later, Reva was transferred to the USS Dalton, where her diplomacy skills continued to be honed. Recently reassigned to Starbase 72 as a liaison.