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Tactical Exo Comps

Artificial Life Form Intelligence Robotic

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Another grouping of Industrial Servomotors, they form groups of 3, 4, or 5. This group was designed by a Ranger type gifted with tinkering.

They are purpose built to assist Kaksos:

Badger- for hunting and pursuing, has strong field emitters.
Looker- For hacking and computer control
Tasker- Multi function modular design for mechanical needs, versatile tool
Fixer- Specialized skills in Engineering and repairs
Blaster- For fighting


Kaksos built them out of their base units, Industrial Servomotors. Abandoned on a mining asteroid, they had cobbled together a series of antenae and passed charge through it to zap his shuttle. He found a dozen of them laying in various states of repair. Realizing their abilities compounded, he found five exocomps were ideal, without chancing a complexity fault and wiping their programming. Five of them could think like a person, outthink them too, so he took the parts of a dozen to make five working, Tactical Exo-Comps.

They all are able to interact and enhance the others functions. Together they can face virtually any challenge a veteran officer of the fleet would face. With Kaksos ordering them, they are tools for peace, war, destruction, design or rescue.