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Kevin George Walker

Human Male

Character Description

Kevin Walker was born in Des Moines, Iowa on August 20, 2353, to the parents of Jason Walker and Diana Walker. He is the second child and not the last as his parents had yet another before they stopped, a total of three children. Walker was normally a trouble child during his childhood years, getting into trouble any way he can just to gain the attention of others, especially of his parents. But it was when he went over a fence that he was told not to go over, that he ended up tripping and falling on very old wooden boards that happen to be covering up an abandoned well, which broke immediately to his weight and impact on the boards, thus falling into the well. It took several days for him to be found and rescued from the bottom of the well, dehydrated and hungry, his whole childhood of being a rebel had pretty much ended right there.

For the rest of his years, he had spent being a much nicer, supportive of his younger sister, helpful to his parents, and brighter boy that one of the locals that Kevin had helped saw some potential in him and wished to make Kevin his assistant. Over the years, Kevin assisted the local repair man as it were, in repairing various appliances and devices around town, as well as learning how to craft some of his own. And the more Kevin got to work with his hands, the more he enjoyed his work, the great satisfaction and thrill he got out of seeing his work come to life and be appreciated, the more he wanted to keep doing it. Thus, when he graduated from High School on July 8th, 2371, he applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. His four years in the Academy were not as eventful as most were, he was simply a very good student and was third of his class when he graduated. His choice of assignment? He joined the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

(2375-2380) Junior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, USS Crazy Horse

Soon after the Dominion War, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers not only began to work around the clock to repair and rebuild what were lost but they also prepared for the possibility of assisting the Cardassians rebuilding what they had lost due to what the Dominion had done to Cardassia. When 2376 rolled around and the orders were finalized, Kevin was among the first to arrive on Cardassia to assist in the rebuilding efforts. Kevin essentially spent most of his years helping rebuild Cardassia back to it’s former glory. Of course there was a few times that he got into a scuffle with some Cardassians who were still rather upset in some ways, but it was more anger at the Dominion than at the Federation. Still, there were moments that Kevin felt like his efforts were going unappreciated by the looks he would get quite often from some of the Cardassian Citizens.

(2380-2385) Junior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Utopia Planetia

After the four years spent on Cardassia, Kevin was happy to be back deep in Federation Space, especially at the one place he felt much more comfortable at. Of course he knew that he would of been reassigned at some point, there was no way that Starfleet Corps of Engineers would stick someone somewhere and leave them there for very long periods of time, rotations is what keeps people happy. So it was essentially Kevin’s turn in rotation and being assigned to Utopia Planetia was the greatest rotation Kevin could hope for.

The time Kevin has spent working on starships was time well spent. He would spend usually few weeks to almost a year on a single starship, either assisting in the building of the starship or repairing of one. One of his most enjoyable moments was being part of the team that was finishing up one of the brand new Luna Class starships in 2383, as well as a brand new Atlantia Class starships in late 2384.

But it was late 2384 that work went from being fun to being, well, work. When Kevin heard the news that Starfleet was going to offer assistance to the Romulan Empire, he volunteered to work double shifts and he had been doing it since until April 5th, 2385, where Kevin was at home celebrating First Contact Day with his family and enjoying the much needed relaxation. But it was later that day when he heard about the attack on Mars that he immediately left to report to Starfleet Command, not just to return to duty but to offer his service to do whatever it is needed to be done to assist with the situation on Mars. But due to the damage that was done to Mars and Utopia Planetia, there was nothing that Kevin or anyone could do, and so he was reassigned elsewhere.

(2385-2390) Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards

After the devastation to Mars and Utopia Planetia, Kevin found himself reassigned to Starfleet Construction Yards in the 40 Eridani A system, where he spent most of his years building new vessels for the Fleet. Kevin actually spent most of those years working double shifts, speeding up only by a fraction of the build of new starships. Of course one man doing double wasn’t going to make the build time any shorter, but Kevin was in love with his work and was now being seen as a workaholic. Around 2387, he was questioned by his Supervisor about the hours he spent on board starships that were under construction and asked if he needed to see a councilor. Kevin’s answer was ‘No’ and explained that he simply just enjoyed the satisfaction and thrill of putting something together. Completing one section at a time on a starship was satisfying to him, and after what happened to Mars, he wanted to get as much work done as possible so that there is less work to do for the rest, and that a starship can get launched sooner, even if it’s only a month or two sooner than predicted. Kevin then added, and quoted, “I just love my job. Give me an assignment and some tools, and I will not stop until it is completed, short of sleeping and eating of course.”

(2390-2395) Senior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, USS Crazy Horse

When Kevin was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, the Command Staff of Starfleet Corps of Engineers requested an interview with him and wanted to ask him what he thought about taking a command position and taking an assignment of helping Starfleet in valuating outposts and stations along their border and being in charge of any repair or refitting of said outposts and stations. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers knew that there were many of said outposts and stations that they would like to keep operational along the border, especially with the way things have been going and with resources focused on building new starships to cover for the loss of those that were being built at Utopia Planetia, along with the resources lost as well, they wanted to ensure the longevity of those outposts and stations, thus Kevin’s job would be to do his best to prolong the life of those stations for building new ones would take time and much resources. Kevin spent several days thinking over on the offer he was given and eventually came to the conclusion that he would still be doing what he has always been doing, and he would get the chance to see, and possibly even crawl, through outposts and stations that were build decades ago. Thus he took the job.

Kevin spent the next four to five years in command of the USS Crazy Horse, going to a series of outposts and stations on the border, valuating how much work they needed to either repair or update them just enough to extend their longevity. Of course he wasn’t the only one doing these things and of course most of these stations and outposts have already sent in their reports of condition and what supplies that were needed to Command, still having a personal touch in what exactly is needed was not only important, was also satisfying to Kevin. In fact, it was around August 2395 when Kevin and the Crazy Horse found an abandoned outpost, an old Regula station, that brought Kevin much joy as it was one of the best nostalgia moments in his life. He took this opportunity to explore the station and start gutting it for parts, as much as the Crazy Horse could hold in it’s expanded cargo bays, which did delay his arrival at one of the stations that he had work orders for, but he felt it was necessary.

After he had finished his work order on one of the stations along the Federation-Klingon border, they fell under attack by a pair of BoPs. Thanks to Kevin and his team though, the station was more than ready to fend off the two vessels, but not after the Crazy Horse sustained some damage in the surprise attack. Due to the recent attacks to Khitomer and other Federation and Klingon assets along the border, Starfleet Corps of Engineer felt that Kevin should bring the Crazy Horse back to Beta Antares Ship Yards for a more combat ready vessel in case, but to also have much more cargo space to not only resume his project, but to also assist others in case they fall under attack and are in need of repairs. Essentially, Kevin and his team became a sort of ‘damage control’ along the Federation border.

(2395-Present) Senior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, USS Don S Davis (In Honor of a great actor who played an iconic General of an amazing Sci-Fi Series.)

Once the Crazy Horse returned to Beta Antares Ship Yards, Starfleet Corps of Engineers already had another ship ready to go for Kevin and his team, essentially only requiring him and his team to transfer over, as the next ship already had more teams on board and on standby for his command. The ship was the USS Don S Davis, an Ambassador Class Heavy Cruiser. Equipped to fight but also all the science and research labs were removed for expanded Cargo Bays so that she could carry much more supplies than originally designed, as well as an expanded shuttle bay for more workbees and cargo shuttles for the needed mission, which was to continue valuating, repairing and upgrading stations and outpost along the border but also be prepared to assist in damage control along the Federation-Klingon border due to the rising threat.

Kevin and the crew of Don S Davis became much more busy when the True Way returned, having new work orders to assist the stations and outposts along those borders to make sure that they were fitted and prepared for any engagement. Then the sudden Breen raid on a Guardian Station and Barzan II gave Kevin and Don S Davis a lot of work to do. They weren’t able to respond in time to stop or repel the raid but they were able to assist in damage control and in repairing the station, as well as any other assets that were damaged on Barzan II. Then when the Hunters of D’Ghor began raiding Federation assets, the Don S Davis quickly deployed to not only attempt to repel the raiders but also assist in repairs and damage control along the border. But after several encounters with D’Ghor Birds of Prey, especially when the second encounter left the Don S Davis limping back to Starbase 27 for their own repairs, Starfleet Corps of Engineers instructed Kevin and his team to hold back until the confict with the D’Ghor is over, or until a system is properly secure and they can go in there and provide damage control. Either way, Kevin and his team remained close to Starbase 27, doing what they can to provide such damage control as well as assist any repairs to any starship that needed it.

Although Kevin and the Don S Davis are currently on stand by near Starbase 27, they are still under Starfleet Corps of Engineers authority and if the Don S Davis is required elsewhere for a project, Kevin will follow his orders and go where he, and his team is needed.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2371 - 2372 Engineering/Operations Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2372 - 2373 Engineering/Operations Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2373 - 2374 Engineering/Operations Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2374 - 2375 Engineering/Operations Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2375 - 2380 Junior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers USS Crazy Horse
2380 - 2385 Junior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers Utopia Planetia
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 - 2390 Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards
2390 - 2395 Senior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers USS Crazy Horse
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - Present Senior Officer of Starfleet Corps of Engineers USS Don S Davis
Lieutenant Commander

Character Summary

Lieutenant Commander Walker enjoys a well seasoned, cooked steak, long walks at the beach, helping with designing and building of new starships, stations or structures and watching them he helped build come to life. He dislikes most of Starfleet Command's higher ups, being told to do the complete opposite of what he said he will do, and the cold. He absolutely hates being too cold. Cold planets he refuses to set foot on, unless he absolutely has to and if he does, he'll complain...a lot. He currently is a Senior Officer among the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Commands an Ambassador Class vessel named the USS Don S Davis, named after a famous actor, that mainly slated a lot of science and research space for more cargo space, work bees, transport shuttles, and the like.

Current Assignment

Executive Officer
USS Glasgow