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Vers Aayla

Bajoran Woman

Character Information




Vers Aayla



A young Bajoran woman who might have once had dreams of becoming a pirate. Now she serves in Starfleet to make her planet proud.


-Born after the Occupation. Her family had been ravaged by the Labor Camps and dying for the Resistance. Aayla was born in hopes of a better future.

-A quiet child by nature, Aayla was an avid reader and learned at a rapid pace. She found a knack for science and experimented with different chemicals as a child. There were often small chemical reactions in her room which only grew bigger as she aged.

-She learned from both Vedeks and Federation teachers, sometimes struggling to make both work for her. Upon seeing the Great Temple or the Wormhole, Aayla was inspired to discover as much as possible about it.