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Talarian Male

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Lieutenant Commander Rank+Kaksos




Kaksos was born to a warclan “OGlynn” of Talar just after the last conflicts with the Federation ended. Talar recognized the need to match technology to their foes and his generation was given the mandate to learn about technology. As a boy he learned guns, engines, sensor suites as a matter of military necessity. He loves to challenge himself with puzzles, and treats life like it is a hobby. He is a skilled engineer and mechanic, who was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence to join a Special tactics units for their operations within Talar. His carrer expanded during the Dominion War and his present service is meant to be relaxing. He has earned a high enlisted rank and has experience in a dozen wars. He has served in covert infiltration ops and loves a challenging heist.


Service record is subject to approval-

Broad Strokes- Soldier of fortune across forty years of Federation conflict as a hired hand for Starfleet intelligence and Infantry. Recruited after a failed attempt to suicide bomb a Federation vessel he was given education and access to tools to learn technology and left Talar behind. A long brutal career has left him wider and older. Now a “Man of action” turned 61 and had to slow down. Twenty years later, he has enough robot parts and synthetic replacements he jokes about warranties on his liver and lungs. He is fit and strong, staying in great shape, utilizing modern medicine techniques to offset bodily decline. Comparable to most Humans life span of the 24th Century he can expect to see 140-160 unless anything sudden happens. He is wise, and has the straight forward manner that tell you he is honest.

Galen Border Conflict 2357-2360 (Talar vs Fed) Private of “221nd-Fast Fire Militia”

Recruited by Starfleet Intelligence at Battle Site 45:7a on 2360 after forced surrender.

Paradan conflicts: 2359(4); 2361(2);  2363; 2365 Several engagements supporting Federation peacekeepers.

Federation-Tzenkethi War:  2365-2369 Advanced Recon and Espionage against Tzenkethi military targets.

Rekag-Seronia: 2369 supported diplomats team, provided advance reconnaissance capacity.

Maquis Insurrection 2370-2373: Assigned to Deep Space patrol, USS Wingman- Saber class reconnaissance. Sent on Classified missions during this time.

Dominion War counter-espionage program; Assigned to Breen division