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Profile Overview

Jeanne Lacroix

El-Aurian Female

Character Information




Jeanne Chloe Lacroix



Commander Lacroix is the current team leader of the Echo TACOPS unit. With a history of black ops within the Federation, she has spent most of her career doing the things that neither Starfleet or the Federation would like to admit to but what they realize needs to be done.


Commander Lacroix is the only child born to the El-Aurian refugees Yuriel and Nelana. Her life started in tragedy when her mother died shortly after giving birth to her from complications. The combination of trauma still lingering from the Borg attack on their people and now the loss of his wife made her father decide to give Jeanne up for adoption. The Lacroix family, who had been unable to conceive a child of their own, was quickly found and gave the newborn her name. The initial years passed mostly uneventful, to give Jeanne a childhood without too many worries they opted to keep her true heritage a secret. As she looked just like any other human, this was achieved fairly easily, the abilities her species had would at most make her seem slightly odd while the delayed ageing would only set in once she became a lot older. From an early age, it became clear that Jeanne had an incredibly talent for mathematics. This, combined with the innate empathic abilities of her species, made her great at analysis and recognizing patterns. Recognizing her talent, her adoptive father motivated her to further work on developing her skills.

At age 15, Jeanne wanted to apply early to Starfleet Academy, as she gathered the documentation needed to gain entry to Starfleet Academy the truth was revealed to her on her birth certificate. Revealing her to not only be adopted, but to not even be a human. Feeling her entire life was a lie, she ran away from home. The streets weren’t safe for a 15 year old runaway, not even on Earth’s 24th century. She quickly ended up in touch with the wrong crowd, who saw a young and not unattractive girl as a great tool to use for cons. She was forced onto a ship and taken to a colony on the outskirts of Federation space that served as a wealthy centre of trade. Under threats of being sold to the Orion Syndicate, Jeanne was forced to steal and deceive people. When she did not bring in enough money she would often be punished with beatings or starvation. Only when the gang deceived the wrong crowd and ended up on the radar of Starfleet Security would her suffering come to an end. As the gang was arrested, Jeanne was initially taken in as well. However, after questioning she was cleared of all charges and returned to her family on Earth. Two years had passed since she left and her experiences left her traumatized. The Lacroix family had since managed to conceive their own daughter, however she was welcomed back nevertheless. While the experience had left her traumatized, it had taught her a lesson she would never forget. Despite the illusions, the Federation wasn’t a paradise. For the next three years she continued processing what had happened and with the help of her adoptive father started a search for her real father. That search came to an end when they found out he had died in an accident only five years after she was born.

At age 20, she once again decided to apply for Starfleet and this time sent in the application. She was quickly accepted and started the Academy on the Intelligence track due to her prior displayed talents in the field. While she did not excel particularly, she was also far from being at the bottom of her classes. In the end she graduated with positive recommendations from most of her teachers. Following the Academy she was assigned to the Nebula Class USS Ulysses as an Intelligence Officer. After three years she was elevated to Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer and after another three years to Chief Intelligence Officer with a promotion to Lieutenant JG.

In 2372, just prior to the outbreak of the Klingon war, it had become increasingly clear to the Federation that the way of the past could not continue working. A different approach to the threats against the Federation had to be attempted. An approach that mostly stayed within rules and regulations, but had the freedom to apply them creatively as needed. For this purpose a cover in the form of the Special Intervention Division had been created. In reality this Division consisted of a wide array of different teams, all under the nominal command of the Special Operations Bureau. Due to her talents as an Officer, as well as her personality profile and history, Jeanne was chosen to lead one of these teams. Just in time, as it quickly would become clear. On the outbreak of the war with the Klingons her team was deployed beyond enemy lines to uncover vital commanders within the Klingon Defence Force for the war and to guarantee a quick death. The team would quickly become known as the ‘Angels of Death’, a nickname they fully embraced. As the war ended there would be no rest, with the Dominion on the offensive they quickly needed to change focus. Rather than fighting the Dominion head on the team was tasked with fuelling dissent among Cardassians. Infiltrating Cardassian planets, they would proceed to kill strategically placed individuals and place the blame on Dominion personnel. This had the dual effect of reducing the strategic capabilities while also enhancing the hate that existed between the Cardassians and the Dominion. While in the end these effects were minimal on the course of the war, they were credited with preventing at least some attacks that could have reduced the chances of the Federation significantly. As the war dragged on, dissent within the Federation started growing as well. Recognizing the threat of internal resistance to the war, the team was ordered to shift its focus. This time however they did not have a mandate to kill. Instead they were to discredit those individuals identified as threats, either by revealing damaging information or creating it. As always this information was kept off the record, as to make sure the more senior officers would not be incriminated. Following the end of the war, the team was initially placed on a lower priority. Operating under the mistaken belief that the Federation was now safe, the team and Division at large were black pages that the Federation would rather forget.

This ambition came quickly to an end with the threat posed to the Federation by Shinzon. Again recognizing the need for their kind of services, they were once again activated and tasked to deal with various situations throughout Federation space and beyond as they developed. In 2384 Jeanne was promoted to Commander and given command of a new vessel. The Intrepid Class USS Frumentarii. This ship was still affiliated with the Special Intervention Division but served in a more open role as a platform to test new technologies. In 2387 the Frumentarii found itself in a difficult situation, the research that had been happening on it had been discovered by Starfleet Command and did not fit their current objectives. Rather than follow the direct order to cease development and surrender all research to Starfleet Command, Jeanne instead insisted on Federation security interests and ordered her personnel to continue developing the systems, this confrontation would in the end result in the loss of the Frumentarii in an accident with all research presumed lost. In reality however, it had already been sent to Starfleet Intelligence. This led to her arrest and subsequent court martial for insubordination and destruction of Starfleet property. Due to the strategic and targeted intervention of friends and colleagues, a full dismissal and prison was avoided, however she was demoted one grade and re-assigned to the newly formed Intelligence Support Activity within the Fourth Fleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - Present Echo Team Lead USS Bellona
2384 - 2387 Commanding Officer USS Frumentarii
2375 - 2384 Team Lead Special Intervention Division, Starfleet Intelligence
2372 - 2375 Team lead Special Intervention Division, Starfleet Intelligence
2368 - 2372 Chief Intelligence Officer USS Ulysses
2368 - 2368 Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer USS Ulysses
2362 - 2365 Intelligence Officer USS Ulysses
2361 - 2362 Cadet - Year 4 Starfleet Academy
2360 - 2361 Cadet - Year 3 Starfleet Academy
2359 - 2360 Cadet - Year 2 Starfleet Academy
2358 - 2359 Cadet - Year 1 Starfleet Academy