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Tymon Wrex

Trill Male

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Lieutenant Lieutenant Wrex


Lieutenant Tymon Wrex was a joined Trill, the twelfth and current host of the Wrex symbiont. He was a Starfleet Officer serving aboard the Sovereign-class starship Akira-class USS Armorica (NCC-74987) prior to taking command of the Arrow-class roundabout during the Archanis campaign.


Lieutenant  Tymon Wrex was born 2367 on the Trill homeworld as Tymon Lanta. He lived in the capital of Mak’ala with his parents Janina and Kejjis. He has a half-sister from his father Kejjis’s previous marriage. From a young age Tymon dreamed of seeking out new civilizations and played Starfleet & Klingons with his childhood friends in the neighborhood or in the schoolyard every chance they got. During a school trip to the Caves of Makala he had two personal revelations in his senior year of high school. H

After high school graduation his grandfather and Trill Guardian Jacek Lanta surprised him that he put his name forward to the Trill Symbosis Commission. He informed his grandfather that he had enlisted in Starfleet and enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Jacek said that the Commission would grant him leniency and could do his series of examinations and test on Earth if he remained committed in 2384. Tymon double majored in Tactical and Operations while at the Academy.

Tymon graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2388, with a double major in Tactical and Operations. He received a commission of Ensign and assigned to the Akira-class USS Armorica NCC-74987 as a bridge relief officer. In 2393, he would receive a promotion to Lieutenant junior grade and be made Assistant Chief Operations Officer. In 2395, the Armorica’s chief security/tactical officer Lieutenant Commander Gracja Wrex was killed in the line of duty.  The Chief Medical Officer Doctor Roger Bishop was able to resuscitate the Wrex symbiont.  Bishop was able to contact the Commission requesting emergency joining. The Guardians informed the Armorica’s Chief Medical Officer that a Trill was assigned to the same vessel who had finished the training program. Bishop was aware but wanted to ensure that there wouldn’t be any repercussions against him or Starfleet to conduct the surgery without prior authorization. Tymon Lanta would agree to the surgery. There was serious life-threatening complications between the symbiont and the new host. However, Medical personnel were able to ensure that both host and symbiont would live healthily. Following the death of Lieutenant Commander Gracja Wrex, Tymon Wrex would request a transfer to the Nebula-class USS Frontier NCC-71923 as Chief Tactical Officer.

In 2399, Tymon would be transferred to take command of the Arrow-class roundabout USS Bonaventure as its commander.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - Present Commanding Officer USS Bonaventure
2395 - 2399 Chief Tactical Officer USS Frontier NCC-71923
2393 - 2395 Assistant Chief Operations Officer USS Armorica NCC-74987
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 - 2392 Bridge Relief OFficer USS Armorica NCC-74987