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Profile Overview


Klingon Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander K'Taal




K’Taal, as a Klingon, has a dour personality. However, this has been tempered over the years by her service in Starfleet, and while still
difficult to get to know, she is more open than she has been. Extremely loyal to her crewmates, K’Taal will do all she can to insure the safety of the
ship. However, she has a bit of a temper, and has been described as getting too close to those she considers friends, sometimes voicing unpopular opinions
in their defense.


Unusually, K’Taal grew up with two sisters and an older brother. Her father was in the Klingon Defense Force, and her mother taught primary
school. K’Taal and her brother followed her father into the Klingon Defense Force, actually going through training together. K’Taal earned her first combat
experience during the Dominion War, and both gained respect and loathing for the Cardassians. (This has, not however, impacted her ability to work with
the species, as was necessary for a short time in her early Starfleet career). During a skirmish with the Jem’Hadar, K’Taal’s brother and sister-in-law
were both killed, and she took responsibility for her nephew, remaining extremely loyal to him.

During the war, K’Taal worked with Starfleet, and eventually decided to transfer. While the KDF was loathed to see a good officer leave, they agreed to
let her transfer her service, although she kept her Klingon citizenship. She first served aboard the Diligent-class USS Pythagorus, and then transferred
aboard the Tigris. Undergoing Starfleet’s Advanced Tactical Training a few years later, K’Taal served in a number of postings as both a second and first officer. In 2406, she served as temporary head of Starfleet Security on Earth, earning a promotion to captain in the process. As of 2407, K’Taal serves as the new commanding officer of the Galaxy-class USS Heyerdahl.