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Profile Overview


Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Halstead




Carrine is aloof and random. It goes into making her personality seem very energized. She has the ability to easily make friends and to make people want to speak to her.


Carrine grew up on Earth. As a kid she was quite enamored by two things: space and detectives. When she grew up she knew that she wanted to combine the two together.

Straight out of high school she went through Starfleet Academy and focused heavily in security and tactical training. While she focuses on “field work” on a starship she also trained to be a tactical officer on the bridge if needed.

Upon graduating Starfleet Academy Carrine took an assignment at the academy being an investigations officer and security officer. As soon as a space position opened up Carrine was transferred to the USS Mattern where she served as a K9 Handler.

During her time on the Mattern she discovered a crew member she had been having a relationship with had been selling ships parts to other races. She only discovered this after the death of another crew member. After the discovery, she took Ben into custody herself. Hurt, Carrine requested a transfer to another post. The request was granted and she was transferred to Arego Colony as Assistant Chief Security Officer.

Having been too attached to her K-9 partner Zepher, she managed to convince Starfleet to transfer her partner with her on permanent assignment. Trying to learn to trust again Carrine found that being on a colony was not like work in space. She longed to get back into space and kept an eye out for open positions. That was when the USS Triton was brought to her attention.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Student Starfleet Academy
Staff Member Starfleet Academy
K-9 Handler USS Mattern
Assistant Chief of Colony Security Arego Colony