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Profile Overview

Jett Altair

Human Male

Character Information




Jett could be considered an intimidating figure. He stands tall at 6’3″ and is broad shouldered. If he hadn’t gone down the route of being a tactical officer, he would have made an excellent security officer. He has blonde hair, usually sports a short beard (though is clean-shaven for official events), and always wears a crisp uniform while on duty. Jett wears eyeglasses to help with his sight. Despite being able to get them medically altered so that he doesn’t need the glasses, Jett finds the idea of someone ‘playing’ with his eyes repulsing. Plus he thinks the glasses are kinda cool looking. Jett could have been described as a model officer, and one that every commanding officer would like working under them. He has also been described as dependable, reliable and knows his job and duty.