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Lucy Revna

Human Female

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Lucy Revna was born to Derek and Kerry Revna in 2375 aboard USS Luminary a Nova class. Her mother was the medical officer aboard and her father was a science officer specializing in xenobiology. Her early life was spent running around the corridors and poking her head into all the different areas of the ship. As she grew aboard the ship she learned many different and varying skills, however her first love was science and specifically biology, she attended school remotely as a child staying aboard the Luminary until she applied and gained entrance to Star Fleet academy Majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry.

During her time at Star Fleet Academy Lucy focused on the scientific fields of biology and and chemistry primarily while also taking anatomy courses. Her goal while at the academy was that she would be able to go to a newly discovered planet and be able to a bulk amount of Biology work to determine the best use for that planet and if that planet could be made more habitable and if so how. Despite her focus being in biology and more specifically terrestrial biology her interest was piqued by the mandatory other science courses and she decided to do an additional two years at the Fleet academy to also gain a Major in Astrophysics.

After completing six years at the fleet academy it was time for Lucy to test what she had learned in the field and she was assigned to USS Radiance another Nova class. She was assigned here so she could work on a doctorate level with in her disciplines, over the next year and a half she spent with the Raidiance she assisted in cataloging and coming up with a colonization plan for the planet.With that done she has returned to Star Base Bravo to receive her next assignment.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2392 Civilian USS Luminary
2392 - 2393 Student Star Fleet Academy
2393 - 2394 Student Star Fleet Academy
2394 - 2395 Student Star Fleet Academy
2395 - 2398 Student Star Fleet Academy
2398 - 2399 Junior Science Officer USS Radiance