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Profile Overview

Salvi Kaur

Alderian Female

Character Information



Salvi Kaur



Before she was sent off of her home planet by the Etanians, Salvi was someone that would be a good listening person and one that people that someone could trust with talking about their problems. Now, after the Etanians ruined her life, she is bitter and much more abrasive. This goes against her teachings but circumstances change people… for better or worse.


Born on Alder IV, Salvi lived a life that was traditional to her people.  She was involved in a pre-arranged marriage to Ranjit Singh and was one person that anyone could talk to.  Upon the arrival of the Etanians on her home planet in 2397, she was forced off of her planet by their classic threat of an asteroid barrage and was forced to flee to Etan Prime.  Little did she know that in the next two years, she (along with her people) were forced into slavery, some of it being very hard labor.  She was forced to be a waitress in a bar in town.  When a small landing party from the crew of the IKS VaQ’Bach arrived in 2399, Salvi (along with her husband and 6 other members of her people) were rescued and fled Etan Prime.  In the ensuing escape, her husband sacrificed himself to ensure that the shuttle that carried her and her people would escape.

Now on the VaQ’Bach, Salvi is still trying to adjust to her new life… but that can’t happen until a few battles have to be fought along the way.