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Profile Overview

Jurel tr'Serov

Romulan Female

Character Information




Jurel T'Serov



Former Tal’shiar General turned fixer and information broker


Jurel was born into a prominent Romulan family with its roots in all the seats of power in the Empire. From the military, to the Tal Shiar, to the Senate she had relatives and friends practically everywhere that mattered. In some socities, that would make a young person’s life easy, but not on Romulus. From a very young age she was exposed to the shifting alliances and power plays that was Romulan life. While that might have troubled some young people, Jurel just soaked it all in. By the time it was time for her to start at the Intellegence Academy, she was more than ready.

Jurel spent most of her career in the Tal Shiar working on internal security matters, focusing on threats from within the Empire. She grew quite efficient and locating and dispatching dissidents and the like sometimes so much so that her enemies on occasion accused her of being a double agent. Those rumors never lasted long, nor did those spreading them, but Jurel did seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing where and when dissident and terrorist groups were going to pop up.

As time went on, Jurel started expanding her interests, particularly into the life sciences. She was among the few that knew of Shinzon before his appearance in the Dominion War, but was not directly involved in the project that created him. There are rumors she was involved in a different cloning project that some claim was responsible for the birth of her human hybrid great nephew, Keren, but much like anything in Romulan society, the truth is not clear and all about who you choose to beleive.

By the time of the destruction of Romulus, Jurel had already officially retired from the Tal Shiar, though she still had fingers in many pies and allies in high places. She did what she could to assist in the evacuation in public, but her own efforts seemed more focus on preserving information and cultural relics that she thought would benefit her and her family. As things shook out after the supernova, Jurel initially aligned herself with the government on Rator, though she eventually gravitated towards the Free State like many of the Tal Shiar. While not serving in any official capacity, Jurel has advised many political and military leaders in the Free State. Her web of influence though can be fealt in the Empire and the Republic as well. She still knows everyone and has dirt on many, so her ability to influence people and leverage resources is as strong as ever.