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Ilia zh'Idrani

Andorian Female (Zhen)

Character Information




Ilia zh'Idrani



A former Starfleet science officer with a specialty in Xenolinquistics and Anthropology, Illia eventually transfered to the Diplimatic Corps in the late 2360s. She currently serves as a first contact specialist.


Illia was born on the Andorian colony of Wheytan to parents who performed scientific and administrative functions on the colony. Early in her life, she moved to Andoria and then again to Earth when on of her mothers got a posting in the Andorian embassy. It was there that Illia discovered her love for other cultures. On Earth, particularly in the circles in which her mother worked, she got exposed to dozens of different species and cultures and their customs. Illia soaked it all in like a sponge. By the time she was a teenager, she had been to at least a dozen Federation worlds and and was fluent in the languages of several including Vulcan, Betazed, and Bolia. Though she debated applying to other instituions like Vulcan Science Academny, she ultimately decided to apply to Starfleet Academy when she turned 18 and was accepted easily. At the Academy she only continued her studies into other cultures and languages and eventually, while still a cadet, got to assist in a cultural observation mission aboard the USS Zhukov, where she was eventually posted after graduation. While in the academy, she met her eventual husband Thelor.

As a Starfleet officer, Illia took part in a number of deep range explortatory and cultural observation missions. During her time in the fleet, she was involved in two seperate first contact missions. After the latter of the two, the ambassador in charge of the mission was so impressed with her skills that he suggested she join the First Contact Division of the Diplomatic Corps. It didn’t take her long to accept.

Since joining the Diplomatic Corps, Illia has fast become one of the leading first contact specilists in the division. She’s participated in or overseen several dicey first contact situations, one of which nearly led to her execution by a hostile faction of athropoid aliens in 2383. She has a reputation for caution and extremely detailed preperation which often includes her learning at least a smattering of the language of the world when possible.

Illia has two sons, Rexar and Sherran. The former is a flight instructor at Starfleet Academy, the latter is a senior officer in Starfleet Security’s diplomatic protection arm.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2355 - 2359 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2359 - 2361 Science Officer USS Zhukov
2361 - 2363 Science Officer USS Zhukov
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2363 - 2366 Chief of Anthropology Starbase 97
2366 - 2368 Cheif Science Officer USS Odyessy
Lieutenant Commander