Profile Overview

Robert Cornelius Mackenzie

Human Male

Character Description

Born just outside of Vancouver, Canada. After graduating the Academy, took deep space assignments with a research vessel doing long-term science experiments on the edge of the galaxy’s spiral arm, where the star density is lower. Ten years in, after serving tours on the science ships Ibn Batutta and Copernicus, Mackenzie decided to apply in the Command Training Program. After graduating from the course, he accepted a spot as an assistant department head on the Branson for a two year mission, and transferred to the Columbia as their Chief Science Officer and Second Officer.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2383 Astrophysics U.S.S. Ibn Batutta
2383 - 2385 Stellar cartography U.S.S. Ibn Batutta
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 - 2387 Project Lead - Astrophysics U.S.S. Copernicus
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 - 2389 Science Specialist U.S.S. Copernicus
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 - 2390 Command Training Program Starbase 132
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2390 - 2392 Assistant Chief Science Officer U.S.S. Branson
2392 - 2395 Chief Science Officer/Second Officer U.S.S. Columbia
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2399 First Officer U.S.S. Mississauga

Current Assignment

USS Sevastopol