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Super-Arborostructure N/A

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Great Progenitor of Greneweyr


It’s a rare occurrence in this galaxy that one might meet with the first member of a species to have achieved sentience. It’s rarer still that this individual comes to speak for that species, not only on the planetary stage, but as a galactic representative. To look at B’Gyr’Tyn would be to experience only a tiny fraction of this being’s presence. For starters, 50% of their mass lies under the soil, forming a vast root system, networking the flora and fauna of Greneweyr into the planetary consciousness. Above ground, they tower hundreds of metres over the land, canopy spreading and creating a balanced microclimate in which flora and fauna thrive. Their goal is to bring awareness to Greneweyr’s consciousness so as to prevent damage to its ecosystem.


The methods through which B’Gyr’Tyn communicates have taken Federation scientists decades to fully analyse. There is still much to learn but it is believed hormonal and pheremonal coding, spread over Greneweyr via the root network, has allowed the conscious will of plant and animal life there to express itself through B’Gyr’Tyn. This symbiotic relationship has allowed a degree of sentience to develop within species on the planet that, as of this writing, remain unprecedented throughout the galaxy. From the leaves that cling to their branches in the wind to the coral glowing bright on the ocean floor, each element of life has achieved a way to express its hopes and desires for the future of the planet. Thus, B’Gyr’Tyn acts as a forum for these wishes to be expressed and consolidated. As the only life form with the ability to communicate thoughts to humanoid visitors, all life on Greneweyr looks to B’Gyr’Tyn for advocacy.

Federation contact with Greneweyr began, as many planetary explorations do, with a survey mission. As the initial away team recorded in their logs, travel to certain areas of the planet would elicit strong emotional responses. For example, upon passing over a huge shoal of fish-like organisms in their aeroshuttle, the survey team reported being overcome with strong feelings of dread and foreboding. The closer the team came to the “central structure” of what would late become known as the arboreal citadel, those same members reported feelings of extreme confidence and elation. Unsurprisingly, the more a team was predisposed to telepathic communication, the stronger these feelings were. Finding a way to communicate more directly with B’Gyr’Tyn was as simple as pinpointing the location at which they experienced these positive feelings with the greatest intensity.

Once this place was found, it was simply named “The Zenith”; a place of pure emotional positivity, high up along the boughs of B’Gyr’Tyn’s super-arborostructure. Upon reaching this place, any humanoid might place their hands along the rough grooves of the being’s thick epithelial layer. Through this confluence point, B’Gyr’Tyn relays the planet’s wishes to the Federation through a mixture of abstract emotions and images. This interface has taken a great deal of research, trial and error to develop. However, now a successful dialogue has been established, Greneweyr’s new status as a Federation protectorate is soon to be ratified.