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Zakdorn Male

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Grim'lar




Grim’lar is arrogant, and will often rub off wrong on most people. However, those that have seen his work will generally overlook this. Like most zakdorn, he has a keen strategic mind, which has been honed at the zakdorn academies. His thinking is often several steps ahead of others, and he can keep a clear overview of a battle or fight, either when commanding one, or being in one. He has a knack for placing the right units at the right place, and has no issue identifying weaknesses in others.


As is usual for a zakdorn, his strategic acumen was rated at a young age. Scoring far above the norm required, Grim’lar was enrolled in the zakdorn strategic academies. Here, for years, his mind was tested against the best their race have to offer, and sharpened against the most challenging scenarios. Single combat, ground forces, starship battles, and everything else a future commander would possibly run into.

Constantly, Grim’lar was analyzing every single encounter, and always looking for ways to exploit this. This led to the arrogance that seems prevalent among zakdorn, as he always knew how to best another.

Applying this in combat eventually became second nature. A flaw in the deployment of ground forces would be exploited by an infiltration. An enemy cruiser with a malfunctioning weapons array would find itself opposed by a highly maneuverable opponent from that direction.

After years being taught everything the zakdorn could, he graduated, and joined starfleet. Due to his previous education, he was enrolled in a shorter academy course, mostly to bring him up to speed regarding starfleet protocol, and the mere basics of all departments, as it was already very much obvious what department he would be joining in. His arrogance almost prevented him from graduating, after he got in an altercation with a fellow cadet, a Klingon, for pointing out how his lack of contacts with his parents could be a hindrance to his wellbeing.

His first posting after the academy was to the USS Fearless, a sovereign-class vessel. His service there was examplary, but he was cautioned more then once by the ship’s counselor on his interactions with fellow crewmembers. After two years, his CO advised starfleet command to transfer him to a vessel where he would possibly fit in better. His skills were not doubted, but he was greatly disliked by his fellow crew for his arrogance and bluntness.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2388 Security / Tactical Officer USS Fearless
2386 - Present Assistan Chief Assistant Chief Security / Tactical Officer