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Greg Helms

Human Male

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Gregory Joseph Helms



PRE-STARFLEET HISTORY: Born in London, England to Joseph and Margaret Helms. His father was a private psychiatrist employed at Queen Anne House, a private clinic for Starfleet’s veteran’s across the pond. Mostly treating sufferers of combat-related psychological trauma, Joseph was provided with lodgings on the grounds of the hospital in case his services were needed in an emergency. So it was that young Gregory was introduced to the world of medicine at a rather tender age. As a boy, he scanned pages of medical papers left on the kitchen table and was intrigued by the secretive discussions held in his father’s office. Talk of wild space adventures and brutal combat filled his ears as he listened with his head pressed against the door, often being quietly pulled away by his mother with gentle admonishments about eavesdropping on his father’s work. Greg and his father shared a unique relationship in the fact that his father encouraged his son’s interest in medicine but took little notice of the young boy beyond that. So it was that Greg used the medicine as a mechanism to gain his father’s attention and love. What was never realized by the boy was that this causal neglect would indelibly serve to shape his worldview just as his education would.

So it was that his father began to groom young Gregory to become a physician of the highest calibre. At dinner, Gregory would be required to recite the structure and function of various part of human anatomy, showing particular focus to the brain and human psyche. The constant bombardment of adventurous stories had a lasting impression on Greg and he was seriously considering joining Starfleet Academy right after High School. His mother, however, had other ideas. She wanted him to have a job that was less dangerous, perhaps joining his father in private service. This never sat well with Greg but he decided to put off his Academy application for a while and start Medical School. After all, he was still young right?

These years were a mix of emotions for Greg, he found the studies interesting and enjoyable but he always felt something was lacking. He and a fellow student, John Adams, became fast friends and quickly found ways to entertain themselves. The pair were avid motorcycle fans and would race and try to outdo each other often. But one particular race ended in disaster as Greg misjudged a corner and came off his bike, fracturing his leg.

This made his mother frown upon the friendship but also reconsider her son’s dreams of a life aboard a Starship. Greg’s father was nearing the end of his career at the Veterans Hospital just as his time at Med-School was coming to an end. His parents offered him two choices on his Graduation Day, start a private business with his father or take Starfleet Entry Exams. Unsurprisingly, he chose the latter and despite her fear and worry, his mother supported him fully. Joseph tried to persuade his son, with little success, and help run the new venture. But by then, Greg’s mind and heart were firmly set on a career in Starfleet, he truly believed more difference could be made out there than being stuck in an office on Earth.