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Profile Overview


Klingon Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Korras




Mostly keeps to himself, but displays a dry sense of humor. Although his main skill is as a pilot, he keeps his combat skills sharp, most notably with twin mek’leth blades. He prefers function over form: he generally keeps his quarters rather Spartan, and both his bat’leth and mek’leth blades are modern alloys with little adornment, as opposed to the ancestral and almost ritualistic blades possessed by other Klingons.


Grew up on the klingon world of Kerret’raa, as the eldest son in his family. His younger sibbling was caught mating with the daughter of a rival family, and in the ensuing fallout, his family was falsely accused of corruption. Eventually, his family was facing such dishonor, that Korras made sure the blame fell upon him, and left the planet (and the empire in its entirety), to save his family the fate that was awaiting them. With the Cardassian-Klingon war breaking out, the resulting chaos and his departure resulted in no formal charges being laid against him.

After several years spent as a hired hand on a freighter, providing them some extra security during and after the dominion wars, and learning to pilot in the process, this again ended in disaster. Pirates, leftovers from the war, attacked the vessel, leaving them badly damaged and adrift after taking their cargo, which ironically was nothing more valuable than a large shipment of stem bolts. In a final twist of good luck, a starfleet vessel picked up the distress signal. impressed with what he saw onboard this vessel, he decided to make a new life in the federation. he made a formal request to stay in the federation, and once that was accepted, made the first steps to enlist at the Starfleet Academy.

Seeing as he was not a wanted man in klingon space, his application to the academy was eventually accepted. At first, for obvious reasons, he enrolled in security. However, his skills, or rather lack of skills, with ranged weapons, and his prior experience at piloting, eventually caused a change in his classes. Often, his classmates would find him intimidating at first, with few people taking the time to get to know him. However, those that did found him to be someone they could rely on to support them. His grades were average, with the only true exceptions being his skills in close quarters and flying, and the barely-passing skill in ranged weapons. Overall, he never really stood out enough to get noticed, which suited him just fine, as the last thing he wanted was to cause his past to haunt him again.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer USS Venture
- 2388 Cadet Starfleet Academy