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Human Male

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Xin is a young man who lost his biological father at the earliest of ages. He was adopted by Medical Officer Giotto Magda, and was taught everything that his new adoptive father knew before he was old enough to join the academy.


Born on Earth, Xin’s father used to regale him with tales of heroic Captains passed, instilling a sense of societal unity in his son at the youngest of ages. The young boy would run out into the streets just to see the passing Starfleet officers—the valiant defenders and upholders of peace. Enamoured with their bravery, the young starstruck often stopped them to ask if he could take a picture with each; hoping and praying for the day that he could have his photo taken with his own, personal hero: Captain William T. Riker.

Xin held an unexplored aptitude for learning, an aptitude that could have evolved if he turned up at school. Instead, Xin could lose an entire day, immersing himself within the holographic archives regarding the likes of Captain Picard, his Number One officer, and other well-known figures of history. One night, he left the history museum a little later than he intended and within moments of Xin leaving his second home, he was attacked by a group of four, disgruntled Andorian thugs, after a bad day with their superiors and upon seeing his makeshift Starfleet cadet badge adorning his jacket, mistaking it for the real thing.

Lox Tal (Xin’s father) had been searching for his son for at least two hours, before thinking to check the museum. He eventually came across his son being assaulted—paternal instincts immediately kicked in and he began to fend off the assailants, without noticing one of them pulling out an Andorian chaka from behind his back. A claw-esque weapon that plunged into Lox’s chest, sending him down instantly and causing the Andorians to run off in a panic. Holding his father in his arms, Lox gifted Xin with an old-fashioned and heavily encrypted data chip and told his son that he needs to find the truth and never to let go of it, before passing on. Grief stricken; young Xin cried out to anybody that would hear the sound.

Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Giotto Magda heard the cries and came to aid the young boy, immediately calling for backup from security teams across the comms network. After the incident, and many months later; Magda eventually adopted Xin, taking him under his wing and teaching him everything he knew in the lead up to his convincing him to join the Academy. With his father’s mission in his mind’s eye Xin knew that joining the academy was the only way to unlock the secrets of the data chip and find out the secrets of his family’s past.