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Saurian Male

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Lieutenant Raz




Saurian with red skin and black eyes,


Raza was hatched and raised on the Saurian home world of Sauria. Here he was raised within the toxic environment of a world with nearly 400 active volcanoes spewing out toxic gases over the surface of his world. He didn’t know his father, only grew up with his mother who had a fetish for earth history, though she never went there herself she spent a lot of time reading about their myths and legends. She was a civilian Archeologist and her knowledge in myths and legends helped her in this scientific field. She always liked the Norse gods the most and felt her son had strength within him and so she named him after such a kind and powerful norse god known as Thor.

Raza had a pretty simple life, being raised away from the Saurian cities, his mother kept him away not wanting to expose him just yet to the horrors that the city life and the inclinations they can bring as well, to such youth. So he spent most of his day’s hunting out in the swamps of Sauria. Keeping himself and his mind busy on a ‘day to day’ mentality of things. This progressed as such until he reached the age of ten. True to most species, ten years of age by humans is considered a mere adolescent but by Saurian standards he was an adult and so he made a choice, Raza and his mother left Sauria and headed for Earth.

Once they stepped foot on Earth, everything hit them all at once. So many people, cultures and traditions of how San Francisco came into being. He really enjoyed the learning of how the city came into being so much so he took a few semesters in school to learn about history as much as he could. Raza and his mother lived in the city for a few months until, his mother told him she wished to live outside of the city and with some resignation, agreed that was the best thing for her.

Raza accompanied his mother to the outskirts of town and helped set her up in a house that was close to San Francisco but also away from the major hubbub of the city life. Their Trixar, plied her trade and taught local children of the histories she learned to help keep the young children away from gangs and the like.

So it was then, Raza left home and joined Star fleet Academy. Going into Security and taking side classes, Raza spent most of his time at school, where he met a young half Vulcan called Rickter, while in school the two were inseparable, learning almost the same things in the Academy. Whenever Raza went to the Range so did he and Raza was quite impressed that a Vulcan though a hybrid that he was, actually wanted to be friends with an illogical Saurian as him. But when he had a day off he spent it with his mother helping her out as needed. So over the course of his Academy years, he failed in some courses but with determination was able to take the course over again and learned from his mistakes, ensuring he passed with as many top scores as he could. Over the years his friendship with Rickter grew and when certain holidays came around, Rickter, had nowhere to go so Rickter followed Raza home several times and each time Rickter was put to work as well as Raza helping his mother out the best he could.

As the years passed in the Academy, his friend shipped out one direction, and when it was Raza’s time, he shipped out another and so their friendship soon faded into memory as they talked less and less about each other, Raza knew this was the way of how things went and so he wasn’t too surprised when this happened to him.

When he was ordered to Star base 402, he was quite excited as he went to his first posting, downside was the Star base skirted Klingon Territory. So for the next four years he progressed with his work, making sure every weapons locker on the station was checked, dealing with civilian complaints and acting as guard when a higher up went on a field trip to get away from the station and with Raza’s unique skill set with tracking and herbal remedies and basic first aid, he was at the top of the list as a guard due to his flexibility. Until one, fateful day, he was charged with the protection of a diplomat into Klingon space and their ship was attacked, forcing them to land on a nearby planet. The crew of their ship died, the diplomat was mortally wounded and Raza felt his leg was dislocated and arm was broken.

The Klingon pirate force landed and began searching their prey, which was pretty easy to find considering most of the ship was still intact, and his charge was dead by the time they showed up and Raza was passed out due to the excruciating pain. The pirates found them both and assumed both were dead so they left and began looting what was left of the ships wreckage.

When Raza awoke, he found himself back at Star Base 402, and the doctor he grew attached too, began explaining what happened, apparently, the ships Captain sent a distress call and a marine Strike cruiser on patrol was nearby, they raced to his location, finding the entire crew dead and taking several pirates captive, he was told, that he was the sole survivor. As this realization dawned upon him, he merely shook his head as he couldn’t believe he failed. Spending a few weeks talking to shrinks and rehab, He decided to take a breather went on vacation for a few months, before returning to duty.

Upon his return to Star fleet, he was sent to the USS Washington, a Minotaur class Battle Cruiser, true Star fleet rarely has a need for such vessels, but Raza was assigned as the ships tactical officer, and the vessel was assigned to patrolling the Gamma Quadrant as traffic flowed from by deep space 9 into the gamma quadrant for trade, Star fleet had to maintain a presence there. So it was then for the next two years that he was assigned to the vessel, though, it rarely ended up in a fight, it did end up in a few minor skirmishes with a few pirates that attempted to make a living in the Gamma Quadrant.

After his tour aboard the vessel was up, he was recalled to Earth to head up a specialized team.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Tactical Officer USS Washington