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Coros Ceurnish

Human Male

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Coros Ceurnish



Tall and lithe but functionally muscular,  Coros keeps his brown hair cropped close to his skull.  His eyes are a deep ocean blue and his skin is a pale snow white, marred only by a scar running from the base of his neck, over his chin, through his right eye, into his forehead and up to the crown of his head. Coros was born on Earth, in the city of San Francisco, to a small-time criminal father and a harlot mother. Louis, his father, turned a new leaf when he found out Aliza, his mother, would be keeping him. Aliza died in childbirth, and Louis did his best to care for Coros, but slipped back into crime to make ends meet. It was no surprise, then, that Coros joined a street gang at an early age. When one of his gang accidently shot his father to death in a drug deal gone south, Coros wanted out. As his “beat out”, he was given the scar over his right eye. Coros has, since then, had the opportunity to get his scar surgically fixed, but chose to keep it as a remembrance of his father and the myriad potential costs of a criminal life.

Coros wanted to get off Earth while being a part of something big and meaningful. He thought of the merchant marines, but their name- “merchant”- made him think of commerce and capitalism, both negatives in his mind and experience. So, he decided on Starfleet. Coros aspired towards becoming a Tactical Officer because it gave him the perfect mixture of action, potential to both lead and advance in rank, and strategic and/or tactical thinking. Coros excelled at the academy. Though the studying was, at times, a struggle- this was an entirely new skillset he needed to learn quickly!-, he was more than physically and mentally prepared and had sheer, indomitable willpower to boot! He was at the academy for eight years due to his rigorous training regimen, but passed with flying colors. His training there consisted mainly of classes in Survival Strategies, Strategy and Tactics, Tactical Analysis, Command and Control, and Advanced Tactical Training. Coros has not been posted anywhere before Starbase Bravo, where he hoped to start out as an enlisted crewman despite being eligible for an officer’s position. “I refuse to lead my people into or through anything that I can not, have not, or will not do myself.” As such, he has taken a somewhat longer- but not overly slow- time to move past his Cadet stages, through his time as an Enlisted, and finally into the ranks of Officers as an Ensign.