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Nathaniel Capp

human male

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Lieutenant Nathaniel Capp




Nathaniel was Born On January 10th 2287 He Graduated from Hawthorne High School on Friday June 24th 2290. in 2293 Nathaniel entered starfleet academy as a cadet in security/tactical In 2345 He was given his first posting on a ship the U.S.S. pegasus N.C.C-53847 from 2345 to 2359 his position on that ship was a Security Officer with the Rank of an enisgn in 2359 the Captain Promoted Nathaniel to Lieutenant (JG)and the position of Deputy Chief security Officer in 2359 Nathaniel was remained  on  the USS Pegasus NCC 53847 as the new Deputy Chief Security Officer with the rank of lieutenant junior grade . from 2359 to 2363.

in 2363  Nathaniel transferred to the USS Enterprise  NCC 1701- D as the new deputy Chief Security/tactical Officer with the rank of lieutenant Junior grade   . In 2366 Nathaniel remained on board  the USS Enteprise D as the new Chief helm Officer with the rank of Lieutenant . in 2372 the Enteprise D Crew including Nathaniel transferred to the Sovereign Class U.S.S. Enteprise E  His position was the Chief helm officer with the rank of lieutenant Commander. in 2385 starfleet reassigned Nathaniel to deepspace 9 as the new Chief Strategic Ops Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander until 2399

in 2399 Starfleet reassigned him to starfleet HQ as the new Chief  Tactical/Security Officer  with the  rank of lieutenant Commander  he is currently has 4 children two from a previous marriage  a son Thomas Capp and a Daughter Jannie Capp he married his current girlfriend Chloe Young and has a boy  luke & a girl lisa  .

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2293 - 2345 Tactical/Security Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2345 - 2359 Security Officer (U.S.S. Pegasus 53847)
2359 - 2363 Deputy Chief Security Officer U.S.S. Pegasus N.C.C. 53847
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2363 - 2366 Deputy Chief Security/Tactical Officer U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2366 - 2371 Chief Helm Officer U.S.S. Enteprise NCC-1701-D
2372 - 2385 Chief Helm Officer U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-E
2385 - 2399 chief strategic Operations Officer Deep space nine
2399 - Present Chief Tactical Officer Starfleet HQ
Lieutenant Commander