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Terran (Query: Second Generation Augment) Male

Character Information



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Kid (ID: 214)


Kid is at the peak of physical fitness. It has been noted that when he moves he has the demeanor of a wild predator kept at bay. Kid sports few scars, a product of his training and caution, he often escapes injury due to a combination of luck and exceptional situational awareness. Those scars Kid does have however, are mostly the product of torture.


Personal History Kid spent his early life, eking out a living, alone on the streets of a rather large city planet. He was never aware of the existence of the Terran Empire, it having fallen so early in his life that the occurrence had meant little to him. However, as a young Terran living on the streets he was subject to centuries of pent up hostilities towards his people. Through a minor miracle he managed to remain free despite Alliance occupation of the planet. During one of Talloc Hagen’s early resistance assaults aimed at the local garrison on the planet, an emaciated, barely civilized Kid managed to assist Hagen and his marines to conquer the local alliance forces. Not entirely comfortable with having a child amongst his men, the Hagen attempted to leave him behind when he and his marines moved on. Yet, through ingenuity and determination, Kid, called Kid Vicious by the Hagen and his marines, managed not only to catch up with Hagen, but delivered needed supplies at a crucial moment during a battle with an Alliance force.
This ingenuity and determination, along with Kid’s devotion to Hagen impressed the commanding officer of the marines. Thus, Kid was allowed to stay, and underwent a disorganized and yet thorough education at the hands of Hagen, his marines, and his camp followers. This lasted several years, until Kid was considered old enough to join the marines on missions and patrol. Kid proved himself quite adept to the rigors of military life, and was soon considered, by Hagen ad his senior marines, to be valuable member of the team. One day, whilst on patrol with several of the marines, the patrol group, of which Kid was a part, was ambushed. Through a minor miracle, Kid survived, however, fearing that he was being followed, an injured Kid decided not to return to Hagen, lest he bring Alliance forces behind him. So, leaving sign of the ambush and his flight, Kid managed to find his way to a nearby spaceport and stowed away on a flight away.
Alone, yet Well trained, Kid set about healing his injuries, and coming up with a plan. By the time he was well enough to move, the commanding officer of the marines had moved on, meaning that rejoining the group was almost impossible. Thus Kid decided to continue the work alone. Having learned much from Hagen and the marines, Kid managed to find himself another resistance group to work with. After some time, he was trusted to lead missions himself, and managed to lead a series of successful raids, sabotage and assassination missions against a variety of Alliance targets. After a while he moved on, always looking to share his knowledge and gain more from others. During the subsequent years, Kid developed a reputation as a fierce and skilled resistance fighter. Often, he appeared amongst resistance groups for short periods to provide weapons and training, as well consul before disappearing to do the same elsewhere.
Some years after escaping the ambush, Kid discovered a young injured female Terran being hunted by a group Alliance warriors. Risking his own life, Kid saved the young Terran and nursed her back to health. After learning Avara’s story Kid shared his own, and, through a shared trust they formed a relationship. With Avara by his side, Kid added another MO to his list, that of assassin. Together, they developed a long list of high value targets and set about ensuring their destruction. Using resistance groups where necessary, they enacted a highly effective sabotage and assassination campaign through Alliance space, significantly impacting their ability to maintain control of the territories they ruled over.
After receiving an emergency assistance request through the meager resistance communication system of the resistance, Kid and Avara flew to the rescue of the last remaining Senator of the Terran Empire. In a complicated and heart pounding flight, Kid and Avara managed to effect an escape for the senator and his surviving men, and themselves. However, through misfortune and significant odds, Kid’s ship had been severely damaged. Forced to send out an emergency beacon they were lucky to be picked up by the Vanguard and Kid’s commanding officer, Captain Talloc Hagan.
Service Record Commissioned Lieutenant and posted as Security Officer aboard the ISS Vanguard
(Side Note by Commander Bradley MacNally:

If this “Kid” is to be believed he has quite the impressive CV. Certainly, he has brought significant intelligence and information to the United Resistance Navy. If the list of assassination targets and their habits weren’t enough he also brought with him a list of vital strategic targets and contact procedures for some quite effective Resistance groups. Captain Hagen seems to like him, if this letter of introduction is not forged. I’ll place this “Kid” and his wife under Hagan, since the captain likes him so much, and if the letter turns out to be forged, well, I’m certain the Captain will work out a way to deal with that. Attached is the letter of introduction.