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Jay Kitahashi

Human Male

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Rank & Address

Captain Kitahashi


Jayden Kitahashi



He is a fairly easy going guy. While he is not a very social person, he is fairly easy going and gets along with most people. While generally very independent he is quite submissive to his superiors and as such will not fight against his superiors’ orders or suggestions more than a simple pointing out of Star fleet code. However, since the battle that served as the destruction of the USS Peorth, he has been more aggressive, and much more outspoken.


Born in 2349 in Okinawa, Japan on Sol 3 (Earth) to Derek and Elizabeth Kitahashi, Jayden was a healthy child. Growing up was a fairly easy going experience in mild comfort. His father was a Computer Engineer and his mother was a Xenobiologist. It was not until his 7th year that he first gained a sibling. She was born Tracy Kitahashi. The two of them became close confidants even with the age difference. As Jayden got older him and his sister grew closer to the point that there was not much one didn’t know about the other, and after a day at his school where they were introduced to the various careers open to them at Star Fleet, she was the first to know of his interest in a career in Star Fleet. Through discussion with Tracy and a growing interest in his mother’s job, even with a mild infatuation with his father’s field as well, he made the final decision of enrolling in the Science Division shortly after his 17th Birthday. During that last year Jayden made an effort to get as much information and teaching in the sciences that was possible as well as giving more effort into his education to raise his finishing grades. With that dedication and hard work during that last year he was able to push himself into the top fifth of his class at high school.

On July 23rd, 2367, Jayden Kitahashi was officially admitted to the Star Fleet Cadet Academy in the Science Officer Training Program. He studied general science as a major however he specialized in Xenobiology as he had gained a particular love for that field due to his involvement with his mother’s career. Fortunately for him, with various wars dismantling the Officer and Starship base of the Federation he was able to get into a spot in which he would have a shot of going straight into a Chief Science Officer role. At the end of his program he had achieved a Class Rank of 4th in a class of 127 students and graduated with Honors.

His first assignment was to the Nova Class, USS Serena at the Commissioned Rank of Ensign in 2371. His experiences there were quite dull, due to the fact of the ship being heavily outgunned by most other ships and its primary abilities leaning towards Science it did not assist in any Military Operations while Ensign Kitahashi was aboard. With the work there, after 2 years he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and was appointed Assistant Chief Science Officer. This too was not much of an action increase…however at this time he also found himself equally in love with Engineering as he was in Science and became, after an accident in Main Engineering that killed the Chief and Assistant Chief Engineers, the Chief Engineer in conjunction with being the Assistant Chief Science Officer. Due to pulling double duty, and impressing the Commanding Officer of the Serena he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2375, and put up for a transfer to a more military oriented vessel. It was during this time Engineers were heavily needed and Science Officers not so much, so when he was assigned to his second assignment he was duel installed as Chief Engineer and Chief Science Officer.

His second assignment was on the Galaxy Class, USS Peorth as her Chief Science and Engineering Officer. A god-send to him as it was right in the thick of things. While the Dominion War was practically over by the time he got on a ‘real’ ship, he was still very happy. During the cleanup and rebuilding years he served as both the Ship’s Chief Engineer and Chief Science Officer, when in 2381 another Officer was appointed Chief Engineer and he was allowed to return full time to his first love, Science. For the next two years he also served as the ships Second Officer, even while other more high ranking officers served with him, his experience and talents kept him at that position. In late 2382 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and, due to an incident in which the reigning First Officer was being investigated by the JAG Office, he was appointed acting First Officer and the Assistant Chief Science Officer, temporarily took over his duties as the Head of the Science Department. For a few months he was slightly disappointed as, while he had always wanted to be First Officer, it was not as glamorous or as ‘fun’ as he had hoped and was close to asking to return to his position as Chief Science Officer, when the exact day he was going to request the transfer the ship was attacked. Somehow, due injuries Lt. Cmdr. Kitahashi, received in the attack he had no memory of what happened afterwards however the ship was destroyed and was cleared of wrongful actions by the Starfleet JAG Board and transferred to the 4th Fleet.

His third assignment, and first in the 4th Fleet, was to the Nebula Class, USS Pacific, as Executive Officer to assist the new Commanding Officer in his duties to the awe inspiring ship, at his former rank of Lieutenant Commander, ready and willing to aide the Commanding Officer of the fine ship in any way possible.

Soon after taking this position it was discovered that the refit was not going as fast as possible…even with the Commanding Officer being transferred to the newly built, Intrepid-Class, USS Wisconsin it was not enough. Thankfully, Starfleet finally got around to reviewing Commander Kitahashi’s record and as such, indirectly, promoted him…while not in rank and not obviously in position, to be Chief Operations Officer and 2nd Executive Officer on the more advanced, and tactically more powerful Excalibur-Class USS New Jersey under Captain Hadrian Felochelli.

Since his appointment as Chief Operations Officer and 2nd Executive Officer to the USS New Jersey, Jayden has been promoted to the rank of Commander.

In 2384, Jayden was appointed Commanding Officer of the Explorer Class, USS Dauntless.