Profile Overview

Tommy Hawk

Human Male

Character Description

At the age of 16, Tommy married the love of his life and started a beautiful family with the birth of his daughter. Living on a colony planet near the Neutral Zone was hard living but with Tommy’s hunting and farming skills, he was able to provide for not only his family but the rest of the colony.  He was respected and loved by everyone.  He was known as a friend to all and the life of the party.

At the age of 20, a Romulan ship landed on the planet, they killed many elders of the colony and used prisoners to fix their damaged ship.  The colony settlers hid in an underground bunker when the Romulans used shuttles to attack the colony for more prisoners.  Tommy gathered those willing to attempt a counter strike to free the prisoners.

Tommy set up as the sniper from a cliff above the damaged Romulan ship, the attack waited for Tommy’s first shot which was meant for the Commander.  When the Commander walked outside Tommy fired as he turned to pick up something from behind him.  The shot went through the Commander’s chest and into his son’s head killing them both.  The main attack began drawing out the Romulan guards which Tommy and another sniper were able to kill quickly.  The attacking body entered the ship and freed the prisoners, Tommy stayed behind to ensure they were able to escape.  The Commander still alive used his comm badge to report Tommy’s location, Tommy had a chance to stop him as he saw him move but the vision of the boy’s head exploding stayed his hand.  The ship fired a torpedo which had been meant for the escaped prisoners towards Tommy, giving the prisoners time to get into hiding underground. The torpedo exploded killing the second sniper and throwing Tommy hundreds of feet into the air.  He was recovered by the Romulans with both his legs below the knee blown off and dying from blood loss.  The Commander who survived the initial shot demanded he survives.

Once death had been prevented Tommy was taken to the torture room within the ship.  The Romulans were unable to find the hidden settlers and they questioned Tommy for the location which he refused over the several weeks of torture.  The Commander used fire to burn his left hand off,  cut out his right eye, used a hot knife to cut his face from his forehead down past his left eye to his chin.  Angry with Tommy’s unwillingness to talk and for killing his son the Commander stabbed him in the heart with the intent to kill him but once he cooled down the doctors were brought in to bring Tommy back to life, for now, the fifth time.  A Federation ship conducting board security arrived onto the planet and arrested the Romulans who without a fixed ship were unable to fight.  The Commander before fleeing on a shuttle shot Tommy in the chest deeply wounding him, left for dead, and strapped to a standing table he waited for death.  The Federation ship found him and transported him to a medical ship where he recovered.

After a year of recovering, receiving robotic legs, a hand, and an eye Tommy returned to the colony a shadow of his former self.  The Settlers feared him and keep their distance.  His daughter and wife knew him and walked into his arms.  At this Tommy accepted he no longer belonged to the colony and joined the Federation in the Marine Corps.  After 3 years of enlisted marine service, he received a commission for saving a governor of a large colony.

Character Summary

Cold, direct, and silent, he never smiles and cares for no one. War has hardened him into a killing machine. 6'5'' human built like a tank, large muscles, deeply scared with no face or head hair. His right eye is robotic and glows red with small scars surrounding the implant, his left eye has a large scar from the top of his forehead to his chin. The back of his head is a severely burnt skin scar that runs down his neck to the center of his back. The left hand and forearm are robotic, the rest of the arm is badly scarred with deep wounds. He often wears a glove to conceal the metal hand. Both legs below the knees are robotic with scars running up both thighs to his hips. A large sunken hole scar burnt into his left breast and a deep four-inch scar in the center of his chest.